Liebster Award

I’ll like to thank DoctorinSpe for nominating me for this award! I apologize that it took so long to get this post up! I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have not been as active these past few months.  If completely understand if you wish to revoke this nomination. Haha anyways, I absolutely love M’s blog! If you’re also a pre-med or medical student, you’ll definitely find a lot of tips and medical topics here! If you are a college student, you can also find useful tips and lifestyle posts! Please check out DoctorinSpe’s blog and show some love!

What is this?

Liebster is the German word for dearest, nicest or beloved. It is a recognition award for bloggers who are nominated by other bloggers, and it allows you to ask fun questions to get to know everyone.


  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
    Thank you DOCTOR IN SPE!
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask 11 new questions for them to answer

Questions I Received:

Where is your favorite hangout spot?

I am a complete homebody. I love to travel and go to events with friends, but home is where my heart is. Honestly, chilling at home with friends could be just as fun as going to events out in public.

What reminds you most of your childhood?

Whenever I see purple dragon fruit it always reminds me of my younger childhood back when I lived in California. Now that I no longer live on the coast, fresh purple dragon fruits are a delicacy- if you will- since they are rare to find in my local markets. Growing up, my aunt had a dragon fruit tree in her yard, and she would always send me some fruits when they get ripe. I haven’t had dragon fruits in years!

What is your favorite candy?

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate! If it’s chocolate, it is always a yes.  No, dark chocolate is not chocolate.

Texting or calling? Why?

I prefer calling over texting. However, texting is more ideal for me because I never know if the other person is busy in class or working. Texting is convenient since both parties can respond when they are available. If possible I would prefer webcamming over calling!

What is your favorite drink?

If I can drink anything for the rest of my life, it would be Thai Boba Tea. If only there wasn’t as much sugar and carbohydrates in this drink! I highly recommend you to try boba/bubble/tapioca pearl tea if you have never tried any! I’m addicted!

If you could live on a different planet, would you do it? Why?

It depends on what lifestyle the other planet holds. Am I going to have to spend more energy in finding food and get my daily necessities? How advance is technology over there? Haha, for now, I’m going to say no because I like my lifestyle on Earth at the moment!

Are you now, or were you ever afraid to go to the dentist?

I was always afraid of the anesthesia needles whenever I had to pull out my teeth. Actually, pulling out my teeth freaked me out the most, especially seeing all the pliers (?) used to pull out the teeth. This is why I never considered the dentistry route. Unfortunately, I had two sets of wisdom teeth growing up, one set of wisdom teeth was removed when I was 9 years old (with my dentist) and another set when I was 16 years old(with an oral/maxillofacial surgeon). Both experiences were extremely painful and uncomfortable. I heard in some rare cases, some people may have even 4 sets of wisdom teeth, THAT IS 16 TEETH THAT NEEDS TO BE PULLED OUT. Hopefully, that won’t be me.

In my recent x-ray, my oral and maxillofacial surgeon said that there is a bone showing up in one of my lower wisdom teeth areas. It may be part of my jaw, a piece that was not extracted from my previous surgery, or ANOTHER WISDOM TOOTH COMING IN. PLEASE GIVE THE HONOR TO SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY LIKES REMOVING THEIR OWN TEETH. NOT ME. I DREAD THE THOUGHT OF HAVING SURGERY AGAIN. Continue reading


What You Should And Not Do Before Your Exams

I cannot believe that it is December is already here! It has been such a packed semester, and I cannot wait for it to come to an end. While it’s now officially Christmas season and events are starting to be booked for winter break, it does not mean that you should slack on your studies! You have worked so hard this semester, don’t let it all come to a waste! Here are some tips that you should consider to prepare yourself for your exams!


Check Your Time

Is your watch or clock set at the right time. Are you updated with the Daylight Savings Time? Do you have the correct exam day and time?

Know your location

Are you taking your exams in the same classroom your lecture class is at? Do you know where the building is located? Go early to find the classroom!

Set Multiple Alarms

The worst thing that can happen is not showing up to your exam. Set multiple alarms so if your phone dies, you still have other clocks to wake you. Also, it’ll be a good idea to keep your alarm devices in different parts of your room. By doing so, it will force you to get up and wake up!

Shower, Sleep, and Eat Everyday

It is imperative that you maintain your health and hygiene as you study. Good Health = Good Memory. Good health also physically makes you feel better and  more confident!

Take Breaks

Don’t study for hours without breaks. You will most likely get burned out. Taking breaks allows you to let your brain relax for a bit. You can also check if you are learning or if you’re just reading.  Continue reading

Happy ONE Year Anniversary

I have been so busy with school this semester that I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging these past few months. Before I knew it, I received a notification that today marks the one year anniversary on this blog!

I started this blog after being inspired by many health care professionals who have shared their experiences on social media while pursuing their medical careers.  I also wanted to share my other hobbies and interests  so I started DramasforScrubs.

Thank you for all those who have joined my blog family and stuck around these previous months. I also like to give some appreciation to new followers who just joined the family! Thank you to those who have stuck around during my slow blogging months. I apologize that I haven’t been blogging lately and promise that I’ll get back as soon as school slows down!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

I definitely have so much to learn and places to continue growing.

I hope you’ll stick around to see more!



Tips: Enrolling in Classes

I finally had time to start blogging again. Hopefully I can start posting on a weekly basis, but for the time being, I can’t make any promises!

Spring semester is around the corner and so is your enrollment! In this post, I shall compile some of the most helpful tips that I have personally used and found effective!

Plan Out Your Four Years

First and foremost, I highly suggest that you plan what classes you plan to take for all four years in your undergraduate. By doing so, you can make sure that you are on track. If one of your classes is full, you could always take classes that you have planned for the future semesters. Therefore, you can switch classes around and always have a backup plan.

Enroll Early

As soon as your enrollment window opens, you should immediately register for classes. Classes fill up quickly so make sure you have already added classes to your plan or cart to immediately enroll into classes. Also, if you decide not to take a certain class, you can always drop that class rather than no having a chance to enroll in the class at all. Another important tip is to remove any holds you have so that you can enroll as soon as your enrollment window opens.

All Eyes on Openings

If you cannot enroll in the class, I advise you to add another class instead. While the enrollment window is still open, you should check the class multiple times everyday so that you can add the class when it gets open. My university has a waitlisting option, but I also highly recommend you stalking the class personally. Continue reading

Update: August Favorites

This month has been quite busy with finishing up summer activities and settling into my first month of school. With an apartment, car, and schedule, this semester is just full of new experiences.

This semester is the first semester that I feel like I’m learning new things. In high school, I have already touched on subjects like Chemistry, History, Calculus, etc, but this semester I’m excited to learn new things in Organic Chemistry and Statistics! I’m also experiencing a new learning environment. One of my teachers basically talk the whole class, never writing anything on the board, which I have never experienced before. I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite type of learning.

My MCAT studying has completely come to a stop. I’m currently taking 18 hours, not counting the time I spend in multiple labs and volunteering tutoring position ever week. I decided to take 18 hours since most of my classes were subjects I’ve been familiarized with since I took AP classes in high school. It is manageable, but I will not likely take this many hours after this year. I’m honestly terrified of PCHEM that is around the corner. What does this class even consist of? Well, I guess I’ll have to find out when I meet up with my adviser.

As you can probably already tell, September has only gotten busier! I’ll like to apologize to all followers and new followers of my semi-hiatus at the moment. I promise that I’ll get back to all your messages and comments ASAP!!

A message to my freshmen readers: It might be stressful trying to put everything together and settling in, but it’s going to be okay! You’re going to miss home and your friends at one point, but you’re going to see them again! Stay on top of your studies, but don’t forget to relax and hang with some friends when you get the chance!

Blog Posts:

As expected, there are less blog posts compared to the amount in July since school started. I’ll like to post more drama reviews, but it looks like I won’t be able to post as often. I also plan to continue to provide more academic tips; throughout the year. Let me know if there is any subject or concerns you would like me to touch on! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below or start a conversation on Instagram! Hit the follow button on WordPress or via email to stay updated!

Drama Review: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Update: July Favorites

Studying Tips

Why You Should Drop that Class

Birthday Month:

August was also my birthday month. I didn’t do anything special on my birthday, but I did enjoyed this whole month catching up with friends and family members.

One of my friends made this book storage for me, probably because she knows I always have a high stack of books on my desk. This is probably the cutest DIY present I ever received! I might do a desk tour once I settle down!


I completed a lot of knitting/crocheting projects this month! KakaoTalk_20170906_104826677

I made these two crochet pink Totoro inspired amigurumis to decorate my new apartment. I don’t have a pattern because I basically designed it as I crocheted. The adorable bear was a gift from another friend.

2017-09-06 10.40.35 1

Over the years, I’ve gotten tired of the plain and thin sweaters sold around the stores. Whenever I find cute chunky sweaters I’m always driven away from the material that is used or the price. I decided to take things into my owns hand and knit this Honeycomb Aran by Patons. It took me almost two weeks the first time I knitted this half of the back because I kept messing up! But working on half of the front, it only took me 3 days! Practice makes perfect!

Many comparable chunky sweaters like this are sold almost $100 in stores, if not a couple hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this sweater by November! Continue reading

Why You Should Drop that Class

For most of the states in America, school season has already started.

For most schools, you can drop out of class within the first week of school without a record on your transcript. After that you can drop out of class after a certain period of time with a W(withdrawal) on your transcript. I highly do not suggest that you drop any courses unless you are 200% sure the course isn’t for you. You should always keep pushing yourself in your studies. Don’t easily choose the drop out option. If there’s a slight hint you can handle the course, don’t drop out. If you are going to drop a course, it would be better off to drop your class at the beginning so that you focus on your other classes or choose a different class to take.

Projects are Too Difficult

The first and foremost thing you should do when you go to your first day of lecture is READ THE SYLLABUS. Typically, the syllabus should note your responsibilities and big projects or assignments you must complete. If these projects are too difficult for you to complete, you might consider dropping out. Continue reading

Studying Tips

Today was actually my first day back at university. I tried so hard, but I still had to take morning classes, physics at that! I’ll probably need to fix my sleep routine, because I was still half asleep at 8:30 A.M!!

Since school season has already started, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh some studying tips to excel in your classes!

Syllabus Notes

Read the Syllabus. Create a schedule. Note each due date and exam dates. Note all responsibilities you have for the class, such as talking in graded discussion, turning in your assignments in the proper folder, and organizing your assignments correctly.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Studying is worth the time and effort because knowledge is power. With a positive mindset, you can turn your worst subject to one of your best subjects.

Take Better Notes

Maybe the style of notes that you are taking is not as efficient as you think it is. Try different styles, such as Cornell notes, quick outlines, charts, or bullets, to see which helps you remember lectures better. You could also change the way you’re taking notes such as typing notes in class rather than handwriting them down.

Try reorganizing or paraphrasing your notes. This will help imprint concepts into your mind. DO NOT write everything down word for word. Do not be too absorbed copying in quantity. Instead, learn concepts and materials from your notes as you write.

Color Code Your Notes

Color Coding your notes may speed up your memory if you keep the colors consistent. If you’re taking a test asking for which macromolecule makes up an enzyme, you may recall the answer in one of the biochemistry notes you’ve taken in blue.

Highlight Your Notes

Highlighting the important part of your notes or parts that you do not remember may help you remember which areas you need to look over. However, highlighting a majority of your notes would not help you.

Online Lectures // Class Lectures

Although lecture slides are posted online, this does not mean that it would not be beneficial in attending class. Instead, look over the lecture slides before class so you could actively learn the material as your instructor presents it to you. Don’t work on other assignments in class. PAY ATTENTION! Continue reading