Dramas I Have REWATCHED This Year

While there are a bunch of dramas that air every year, I can’t help but rewatch some of my old favorites, especially when I’m not currently interested in what is airing.

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Cambrian Period (2017)

I know that this drama has only aired this year, but I have already rewatched it once. I have watched this drama twice with viet dub/sub and plan to rewatch it again with English subs soon. I would say that I’m proficient in Vietnamese, but I am not as proficient in it as I am with English. I might do an updated drama review, so look out! I can’t decide if this drama or Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is my ultimate favorite drama. Well, I guess I could say that this drama is my ultimate favorite webdrama for sure! Find out why I absolutely love it so much by checking out my Drama Review!


Love Me if You Dare (2015)

This drama is probably the one that got me sucked into Chinese crime/thriller dramas. Personally, I feel that China does a better job in providing a dark/crime/psychological drama than dramas that South Korea has produced. I have always loved psychology and love watching psychological dramas and movies. If I didn’t choose biochemistry, I probably would have majored in psychology. I love the idea of analyzing psychopaths and sociopaths. I love learning how certain mental illnesses may be developed. If you know of any psychological dramas or movies let me know! Continue reading


Drama Review: Queen for Seven Days

asdfasQueen for Seven Days

Eps: 20

This is a historical melodrama based on the tragic love story between King Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin) and Queen Chae Kyung (Park Min Young).  Shortly after her crowning, Queen Chae Kyung is dethroned and put for execution.

This drama aired a while back, but I have been too busy to edit this drama review during the school year. Winter break has just started, and you can bet I’ll be uploading drama reviews these next few weeks!

First things first, I would like to announce that I did not suffer second lead syndrome in this drama. I mean who could not fall for Yeon Woo Jin?

I absolutely love the cast!


With parents who have been warned of their daughter’s prophecy, Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) was sent to a rural town at a young age with her nanny, away from her wealthy family. Chae Kyung is the daughter of a top official (I believe he’s the prime minister) and the niece of Queen Shin. Chae Kyung grew up with a very naive mindset, which slowly matures to a strong female lead as the story progresses. She takes on problems and serious situations herself. She knows when she should take action or keep things to herself for other’s sakes. She is greatly loved by her adorable parents and nanny. They all show great love for Chae Kyung no matter how stubborn or troublesome she is.

I’m still waiting for Park Min Young’s Braveness of Ming Chinese drama to air! I hope she continues to take on historical dramas because she is an absolute beauty and amazing at acting! Her Princess Ja Myung drama was one of the best dramas I watched growing up! It was fun seeing her doing some gender bender acting in this drama since it has been almost 7 years since her famous Sungkyunhwan Scandal drama!

I would say that I’m unfamiliar with the two male leads.

The relationship between Lee Yoong(Lee Dong Gun) (left) and Lee Yeok(Lee Woo Jin) (right) is one that you do not want to get between. While siblings can get into heated arguments, this relationship is full of blood! Lee Yeok is the younger favored son, who has idolize his older half-brother no matter what anyone says. Lee Yoong is the older son who is always cautious of his younger brother stealing his throne. I feel that this relationship was the center of this drama, more so than the relationship between Yeok and Chae Kyung. A cliche romantic relationship in dramas can be overbearing at times, but this drama has captivated me with this chaotic relationship between the brothers.

Lee Woo Jin was very charismatic in his acting. On the other hand, Lee Dong Gun portrayed the ruthless King well. Despite his coldness towards Yeok, I love how Yoong has a soft spot for Chae Kyung. Chae Kyung is the only person who was brave enough to try to reconcile the two half-brothers.

The young child actresses and actors were phenomenal. I love the childhood portion in this drama. Usually I would be annoyed or stay away from childhood cliches, but this drama got me hooked. The childhood portion of the drama truly set the story of the drama. It was longer than what most dramas would have allowed, but I felt that the complex relationship between the brothers and Chae Kyung was better detailed in their childhood years rather than their adult years. Continue reading

Drama Review: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Three Miles, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/ Eternal Love/ Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Ep: 58

Drama Reviews are coming, I’m telling you!

This drama has multiple names, but I got to say Three lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is my favorite. Yes, the title is very long, but very beautiful. It details the story of the drama. Love withstands the span of three lives and three worlds. This drama is beautiful in each and every way!

This fantasy drama is based on a novel. There is an English version, To the Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi, that I need to get my hands on!

Crystal Liu and Yang Yang star in Once Upon a Time, the movie adaption of this drama that was released earlier this month! I have been dying to watch it, but it probably won’t be a few months until a good quality and subbed video is available online. If you know of any sources please let me know! As always, I will most likely still like the drama version more, because most movie are super condensed. But I can’t wait to see these two beautiful actress and actor on screen!

Bai Qian(Yang Mi) is the only daughter of the Fox King from the Qing Qiu Fox Tribe. At a young age, she disguised as a man named Si Yin and became the trouble maker, seventeenth disciple of Mo Yuan on Kun Lun Mountain. Tens of thousands of years later, she enters a trial after being injured while resealing Qing Cang in his “prison.” With no memory and power, she enters the human realm as a human named Su Su, who innocently falls in love with Ye Hua. After her trial, she returns back to her home as the Bai Qian, who meets Ye Hua again for the first time as the respected High Goddess and female monarch leader of Qing Qiu.

There was so many pretty pictures for this drama. Please do click to blow it up on your screen!

Mo Yuan(Mark Chao) is the famous God of War. He enters a brutal war with the Qing Cang(Lian Yi Ming), the king of the Ghost Tribe.

I think I’m going to be as brief as possible for my character introductions so as not to give anything away~

Ye Hua(Mark Chao) is the crown prince Black Dragon of the Celestial Tribe, the heir of the Nine Heavens. He is very responsible and mature for his age.

Li Jing(Zhang Bing Bing) is the second prince of the Ghost Tribe. Known to be a womanizer, he later falls in love for Si Yin. However, he betrays her only to realize that she is the only one he truly loved.

Xuan Nu(Zhu Xu Dan) is Bai Qian’s childhood friend. Envying Bai Qian’s beauty, she takes a potion that allows her to look exactly like Bai Qian. Coming from a lower status, she uses Bai Qian’s appearance to seduce Li Jing. She plays as a spy for the Ghost Tribe and becomes Li Jing’s bride. Continue reading

Drama Review: Goblin


Goblin: the Lonely Great God


Long overdue drama review but here we go!

Kim Shin(Gong Yoo) was once a famous general who won the love of the people. Unfortunately, he was bestowed death by a jealous king. However, he was given a chance to live the rest of his life as a goblin, a lonely immortal who protects other souls, by a divinity. In order to end his lonely life, he must find his bride, who will remove the sword stuck inside of him. He continues to live on for hundreds of years carrying on all the sad memories alone. However, his life starts getting interesting when he encounters a young high school student, Ji Eun Tak(Kim Go Eun), calling herself as the Goblin’s Bride.

These episodes were so long, about 1.5 hours each! I was excited for this drama since it featured Gong Yoo. I loved his movie, Train to Busan, and decided to give this drama a try.


Kim Shin(Gong Yoo) is a goblin who spends his life searching for his bride to relieve him from his curse. He is responsible for protecting souls and balance on earth.

252523525235Ji Eun Tak (KimGo Eun) is labeled as a missing soul since she was not meant to be born. The Goblin actually saved her pregnant mother during a car accident. As a result, she is able to see and talk to spirits.


The Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) is in charge of escorting dead souls to their next life. His house and the process of escorting deceased souls are beautiful. Each soul is given tea that allows him/her to forget all their memories of their previous life before moving forward. He has a special black fedora hat that prevents others from seeing him. Grim reapers have no memories of their previous lives. They have absolutely no name and identity.  Being a grim reaper is the punishment for committing the most deadly sin in their previous life.234124234.jpg

Can we just look how beautiful these two are in the picture above? The bromance between the Grim Reaper and Goblin is on point. Continue reading

Drama Review: Cambrian Period

Cambrian Period

Episodes: 24

Zhan Shi Li (Han Chin) is known to be of great influence, owning several businesses and casinos. He adopts sons and raise them into a gang to do the dirty work for him. Each son undergoes strict training in order to be chosen as the heir of the mafia business. Tian Yin (Zhou Yu Tong) is a naive girl who decided to visit her friend in the southern island. However, she accidentally becomes a hostage in a gang fight, believing that the gang fight was a part of a drama shoot.

I started this webdrama a couple of days ago, and finished it very quick. I was completely obsessed with this drama.  I never planned to watch this drama until one of the OSTs randomly popped up on my YouTube recommendation feed.  After watching, I immediately started watching the drama.  Alright, I anticipated watching this drama as a guilty pleasure sort of drama, mainly for the romance between the main couple, but I should have known that the mafia business and police would also take up a lot of the story. It was more melodramatic than what I thought it was going to be.

The music in the trailer gives off a mysterious and ominous atmosphere, and I love it.  I love watching Chinese historical dramas, but I think Chinese crime/detective dramas are starting to replace my favorite genre, especially the dark melodramatic ones. My favorite one, so far, is Love Me if You Dare. In both Love Me if You Dare and Cambrian Period, I like how the screen looks dark and sort of washed out/has a lower contrast(?). The way the drama is filmed makes me feel the dark and mysterious mood of the dramas. I was surprised that Cambrian Period was a webdrama since it was so intense to watch. I was so excited to watch Siege in the Fog/Color of Night(another drama that gives off a sad, dark vibe) but unfortunately, airing has been pushed back to the end December or perhaps, next year.  If you happen to know of any good crime/detective Chinese dramas, please let me know!

The ending OST might be the most beautiful OST that I’ve ever heard. I’ve had this song on repeat all week.

Hou Ming Hao also sings one of the OST tracks.

Unfortunately, I could only find Vietnamese dubs for the majority of this drama. I was so sad that there was no English and barely any Vietnamese subs available. I really do not like Vietnamese dub, especially if it is with only one person dubbing every character in a monotone voice. Hopefully, English subs will come out soon!

Jian Zi (Hou Ming Hao aka Hou Neo) is one of Shi Li’s adopted sons. He is different than his brothers in that he is kind and innocent. He lives by the sea, running a small bar. However, he has another identity, Lian Bu, a masked assassin.

This was my first drama with him in it. As a new actor, he is pretty solid in his acting! He has a baby face that allows Jian Zi’s adorable and naive character to come out well, but makes it harder for him to act as an assassin and gang member. I’m looking forward to watching his other dramas and his upcoming movie, Monkey King 3!

HE WAS A SM TRAINEE RUMORED FOR NCT! Neo is absolutely adorable.  I normally do not fall for baby faces, but there’s something about him that made me fall. I cannot even imagine how I would be if he actually debuted with NCT. Honestly, he would probably be my bias. He was in a Chinese boy band and released some singles, so I’ll probably be checking them out soon.  I’m also thinking of watching the Baby Let Me Go show he starred with other popular celebrities such as Jackson Wang from GOT7 and Henry Lau from Super Junior, taking care of kids. I think I just developed a celebrity crush after this drama.  Continue reading

Drama Review: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Moonlovers

UPDATED: I completely forgot to add the trailer and my favorite OSTs!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote a drama review.
I just finished some dramas so I shall have more popping up soon!

moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryo-scarlet-heart-ryeopreviously-known-as-moon-loverslovers-of-the-moonbobogyungsim-ryeomoon-lovers-GfqqW0YsScarlet Heart: Ryeo

Ep: 20

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a remake of the Chinese popular drama, Scarlet Heart, that was based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Scarlet Heart Ryeo was a drama full of flower boys.

e0629f4d2c79d2e93f60d578770b23afGo Ha Jin (IU) is a modern day woman who drowns in a lake during an eclipse. As a result, she travels back in time to the reign of Gwangjong as Hae Soo. She is an innocent and idealistic girl, who lives with her distant cousin’s family. In this era, there was one particular king that succeeded the throne, with the cost of killing his brothers. With little snippets of old history, Hae Soo must find the evil brother and save the rest from death.

This summer, I got the chance to rewatch this drama with my sister, who was watching it for the first time. (She certainly enjoyed it!) Someone was cutting the onions again.

Here are some of my favorite OSTs! But honestly, I love them all! There are almost 15 OST songs for this drama, and each one is so beautiful!

The last one was definitely a tearjerker.


Wang Soo (Lee Jun Ki) is the fourth prince, who has been sent to Shinju, a foreign nation, at a young age. He was practically a hostage. Also known as “Wolf Dog,” he is feared for he has killed wolves. He wears a mask on his face to hide the scar on his face that his birth mother gave him. Because he was different from other princes, he is often ignored and misunderstood. He hated himself and all those who would not accept him.


Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is the eight prince. He was demoted, but returned to his prince status by marriage to a powerful family. He is caring, intelligent, and thoughtful. As a son of his father’s concubine, he carries a heavy burden of protecting his mother and sister from others with great political power. Continue reading

Drama Review: Because of Meeting You

Because of Meeting You

Ep: 56

Because of Meeting You is a Chinese remake of the Korean drama: Come! Jang Bori. 

A bubbly and adored young woman, Zhang Guo Guo, works at her mother’s wonton shop, delivering wonton around the small town. She is hard working and has an upright personality. She always submits herself to her spoiled older sister, Zhang Yu Xin, but little does she know that she is adopted and that her biological family actually runs a famous embroidery workshop. As both sisters become devoted to the art of embroidery, they become rivals in the embroidery industry and in gaining affection from Guo Guo’s biological mother.

This drama is centered around embroidery, which I found very unique. I do not usually watch dramas incorporating fashion so I was very excited when I found this! I adore all the gorgeous qipao outfits! Honestly, I wish I could embroider.

This drama falls under the genre of melodramas, but was very adorable at the same time, centering around the themes of family and integrity. Continue reading