Update: July Favorites

For the first part of July, I was overwhelmed with paperwork and dreadful adulting tasks that I hope will become easier throughout the years. However, the later part of July was very relaxed, which I know I will have to compensate for next month!

Blog Posts:

I think that this month marks my most productive blogging month yet! I’m still trying to finalize some Drama Reviews of dramas I watched so far this year, so please stay tuned!

Update: June Favorites

What to Take to College

Fourth of July Weekend in Dallas

Freshman Dorm Tour

Drama Review: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I Started a Medical Journey Journal 

Drama Review: Cambrian Period

Drama Review: Goblin


I love how all these concerts and KCON events are bringing Korean enthusiast YouTubers together. I love all of their personalities and interactions with each other.


There was so many music releases that I loved that I’m afraid would make this favorite list too long.

BTS released their “Come Back Home” MV early on this month. This song is actually a cover of Seo Taiji’s song. I love the cover, especially the high falsettos.

Okay, can we talk about how LIT Zico’s new album is? I love all his tracks in Television, but “Fanxy Child” is my favorite at the moment. It is also the cypher track featured in Show Me the Money, which is a rap competition show that I hope to start soon!

G.Soul’s “Bad Habit” is so calming. I love how relaxing his voice and beats are. He’s definitely one of the underrated RnB/Soul Korean artists out there. I hope he release singles with H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS soon!

AKMU has always been such a cute sibling duo. “Dinosaur” is an adorable fun summer song! “My Darling,” another released song is also bomb.  There’s something about their music that always leave me feeling happy!

After debuting in 1PUNCH with Samuel, One finally redebuted as a solo artist. I’m loving the groove in “Heyahe,” but “Getting By” is also a hit. I’m excited to see his future songs!

Although “Tomorrow, Today” was released very late in July I cannot not include this song in this month’s favorite since I replayed this song so many times. It has been about 5 years since JJ Project debuted with “Bounce.” JJ Project includes two members from Got7, Jinyoung (my ultimate bias) and Jaebum. I know I mention L from Infinite a lot, but I have to say Got7 is currently my favorite Kpop band.

This song makes me feel nostalgic in a way. I absolutely love both vocals. With this title track, JJ Project shows that Jinyoung and Jaebum have both matured over the years, in life and their careers.

p2458403052 - CopyCambrian Period (Completed)

Zhan Shi Li (Han Chin) is known to be of great influence, owning several businesses and casinos. He adopts sons and raise them into a gang to do the dirty work for him. Each son undergoes strict training in order to be chosen as the heir of the mafia business. Tian Yin (Zhou Yu Tong) is a naive girl who decided to visit her friend in the southern island. However, she accidentally becomes a hostage in a gang fight, believing that the gang fight was a part of a drama shoot.

This webdrama was the highlight of this month. I was completely obsessed with the drama. If you want to hear more about my obsession, please check out my Drama Review: Cambrian Period.

*****SPOILER: Jason has been posting stunt video clips on Instagram lately. Could it be what I hope it would be? *****  


Princess Agents (Completed)

This drama just came to a completion on August 1st. Drama Review will be coming soon!

A killed agent “time-travels” into the body of a slave girl. Slave girls are each given a white outfit with a name on their backs, representing which team they are in. With other slave girls, Chu Qiao enters a hunting ground with wolves as game piece of the bored wealthy lords. Being the only one to survive, she is favored among the wealthy lords and is entangled in the power struggle.

1423412342134124234124The Eternal Love(Ongoing)

I’ve been watching this drama with Viet subs, but I’ve seen that YouTube has slowly been translating episodes! It was a little complicated in looking for English subs since it has the same name as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms alternative name. The airing schedule is very peculiar, airing four episodes every Monday. If dramas come out regularly on Mondays, I think I’ll forward to the beginning of every week.

This webdrama stars Xing Zhao Lin who starred as Yuwen Yue’s bodyguard in Princess Agents. In the beginning, it was hard for me to get used to the Prince Consort’s two different personalities. I got quite a few second-embarrassment feels. However, after half the number of episodes aired, the characters were more developed and more easy to watch. 


Queen for Seven Days (Completed)

This drama completed airing August 3rd. Drama Review will be coming soon!

Shin Chae Kyung is the daughter of a powerful politician who is caught between the battle of two half-brothers, the crown prince and the king, for the throne.  When the crown prince gains his right to the throne, Chae Kyung becomes the Queen. However, she is dethroned after the seventh day from her position.


24324242Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are Engaged!

These two were the main leads for the drama, Descendants of the Sun, which is easily one of my favorite dramas of all time. I cannot believe that they’re getting married! Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo are so cute together.

fullsizephoto842144Lee Si Young is Pregnant and Getting Married!

Lee Si Young was recently in the drama: Lookout. I was so surprised about her announcement, especially when there’s quite a few action scenes she had to film. I’m happy for her settling in this new chapter of her life!

Goodbye July~


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