Drama Review: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Three Miles, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/ Eternal Love/ Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Ep: 58

Drama Reviews are coming, I’m telling you!

This drama has multiple names, but I got to say Three lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is my favorite. Yes, the title is very long, but very beautiful. It details the story of the drama. Love withstands the span of three lives and three worlds. This drama is beautiful in each and every way!

This fantasy drama is based on a novel. There is an English version, To the Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi, that I need to get my hands on!

Crystal Liu and Yang Yang star in Once Upon a Time, the movie adaption of this drama that was released earlier this month! I have been dying to watch it, but it probably won’t be a few months until a good quality and subbed video is available online. If you know of any sources please let me know! As always, I will most likely still like the drama version more, because most movie are super condensed. But I can’t wait to see these two beautiful actress and actor on screen!

Bai Qian(Yang Mi) is the only daughter of the Fox King from the Qing Qiu Fox Tribe. At a young age, she disguised as a man named Si Yin and became the trouble maker, seventeenth disciple of Mo Yuan on Kun Lun Mountain. Tens of thousands of years later, she enters a trial after being injured while resealing Qing Cang in his “prison.” With no memory and power, she enters the human realm as a human named Su Su, who innocently falls in love with Ye Hua. After her trial, she returns back to her home as the Bai Qian, who meets Ye Hua again for the first time as the respected High Goddess and female monarch leader of Qing Qiu.

There was so many pretty pictures for this drama. Please do click to blow it up on your screen!

Mo Yuan(Mark Chao) is the famous God of War. He enters a brutal war with the Qing Cang(Lian Yi Ming), the king of the Ghost Tribe.

I think I’m going to be as brief as possible for my character introductions so as not to give anything away~

Ye Hua(Mark Chao) is the crown prince Black Dragon of the Celestial Tribe, the heir of the Nine Heavens. He is very responsible and mature for his age.

Li Jing(Zhang Bing Bing) is the second prince of the Ghost Tribe. Known to be a womanizer, he later falls in love for Si Yin. However, he betrays her only to realize that she is the only one he truly loved.

Xuan Nu(Zhu Xu Dan) is Bai Qian’s childhood friend. Envying Bai Qian’s beauty, she takes a potion that allows her to look exactly like Bai Qian. Coming from a lower status, she uses Bai Qian’s appearance to seduce Li Jing. She plays as a spy for the Ghost Tribe and becomes Li Jing’s bride.

Su Jin(Maggie Huang) is the last descendant of the Zhong Lie tribe. Adopted by the Heaven Emperor as Princess Zhaoyang, she has an unrequited love for Ye Hua.

Zhe Yan(Ken Chang) is the famous first phoenix and a close friend of the Bai family. Keeping out of the affairs of the three realms, Zhe Yan guards the ten miles of peach blossoms.

Bai Feng Jiu(Dilraba Dilmurat) is Bai Qian’s niece and the only nine-tailed red fox. Young as she may be, she has already set her eyes to be with Dong Hua.

Dong Hua Dijun(Gao Wei Guang) is one of the oldest Great Kings of Heaven. He controls the lives and deaths within the six realms.

The OSTs were all beautiful! I played the OSTs practically the whole year, even while I studied for finals in May, four months after the drama first aired! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the OSTs!

Can we talk about the thousand of years gaps? I remember looking away for a minute while the story jumped 7,000 years ahead! It was not one or three years but 7,000 years! The drama tends to flash back and forth among the three lives, but it wasn’t too confusing to follow along. The time of the story is extremely long, and so much happens in this drama. I’d hate for anyone to miss important details!

I give this drama a 10/10. It far succeeded my expectations. This is a fantasy drama, and I absolutely love the cinematography and costumes! Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and Ice Fantasy are two of the best CGI dramas I’ve seen yet! I also love the development of the characters. It wasn’t just Bai Qian/Si Yin/Su Su and Mo Yuan/Ye Hua alone. There are stories for almost all of the characters. The drama has perfect – if you will – development of characters, not to the point where it overshadows the main leads or cause viewers to lack understanding of the background of other characters. The OSTs are so calming and beautiful. 58 episodes is just the perfect length for this drama. The story is smooth and keeps you on your toes. There was no dragging parts or parts that jumped drastically. I don’t think there is anything overbearing. The drama that happens in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is something I would consider very minimal. This drama is completely flawless in my eyes! There are some dramas/films that I can only watch once, but I think I can probably rewatch this drama multiple times! I’d even recommend this to first time Chinese drama viewers! Is this my ultimate favorite drama? I might just believe so!

Spoilers Ahead in Pink Section

Now out of the three lives, Si Yin with Mo Yuan, Su Su and Ye Hua, and Bai Qian and Ye Hua, which one did I like the most? Well, I have to say that I pick Bai Qian with Ye Hua. There was more relationship progress with the last life compared to the other two. For one, the Si Yin and Mo Yuan ship is almost nonexistent. And, I much prefer a strong female lead who can defend and fight for herself.

I hated how cold Ye Hua was to Su Su in the Nine Heavens. The Emperor and Su Jin were both determined to drive Su Su out either way. I was shocked when she drank the forgetting potion. I ABSOLUTELY HATE DRAMAS WITH AMNESIA. IF AMNESIA IS WRITTEN IN A SYNOPSIS, I WOULD NEVER WATCH THE DRAMA. Alright, the man she loved is untrustworthy, or so she was made to believed. However, she had a child! How can she simply choose to forget about her own child?!?!

It was even more pitiful, later knowing that she and Ye Hua were meant to be together in the end. All that drama was such a waste. Ye Hua raised their son alone for hundred of years. One day in heaven is a year on earth. Are these time gaps measured in human time or god time?? This wouldn’t have happen if Su Su was not mislead by Su Jin and the coldness of Ye Hua! This was the only part I was annoyed of. BTW ALI IS SO CUTE!

I ABSOLUTELY SHIP THE BAI FENG JIU AND DONG HUA COUPLE! They are both so adorable together. Feng Jiu is so squishy-adorable, and Dong Hua looks like a majestic elf. Dong Hua’s appearence is far from an old man. The gods, Lian Song and Si Ming are so adorable, helping all these ships. 

I also love Yan Zhi and Zhi Lan together. All the ships are so real in this drama!

Ye Hua as Mo Yuan’s twin brother blew my mind. The similar appearances should’ve gave it away, but I was too absorbed in Ye Hua’s relationship with Bai Qian to think it through. Hehe. 

This drama has what I would say the bare minimal drama a drama could have. The most dramatic part of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was the love triangle. Once Su Jin was out of the pictures, everything settled down. Frankly speaking, I am completely impressed with the drama and storyline. There is nothing I can complain about. I love how everyone got what they deserved at the end. All the ships sailed. Su Jin and Xuan Nu were both punished at the end. Everything returned back to its rightful place. 

Spoilers End 

The photoshoot they did was gorgeous as well.

Three Lives Bazaar 4

I highly recommend this drama!


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