Drama Review: Goblin


Goblin: the Lonely Great God


Long overdue drama review but here we go!

Kim Shin(Gong Yoo) was once a famous general who won the love of the people. Unfortunately, he was bestowed death by a jealous king. However, he was given a chance to live the rest of his life as a goblin, a lonely immortal who protects other souls, by a divinity. In order to end his lonely life, he must find his bride, who will remove the sword stuck inside of him. He continues to live on for hundreds of years carrying on all the sad memories alone. However, his life starts getting interesting when he encounters a young high school student, Ji Eun Tak(Kim Go Eun), calling herself as the Goblin’s Bride.

These episodes were so long, about 1.5 hours each! I was excited for this drama since it featured Gong Yoo. I loved his movie, Train to Busan, and decided to give this drama a try.


Kim Shin(Gong Yoo) is a goblin who spends his life searching for his bride to relieve him from his curse. He is responsible for protecting souls and balance on earth.

252523525235Ji Eun Tak (KimGo Eun) is labeled as a missing soul since she was not meant to be born. The Goblin actually saved her pregnant mother during a car accident. As a result, she is able to see and talk to spirits.


The Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) is in charge of escorting dead souls to their next life. His house and the process of escorting deceased souls are beautiful. Each soul is given tea that allows him/her to forget all their memories of their previous life before moving forward. He has a special black fedora hat that prevents others from seeing him. Grim reapers have no memories of their previous lives. They have absolutely no name and identity.  Being a grim reaper is the punishment for committing the most deadly sin in their previous life.234124234.jpg

Can we just look how beautiful these two are in the picture above? The bromance between the Grim Reaper and Goblin is on point.


Kim Sun/Sunny(Yoo In Na) is the owner of a Chicken Shop. Despite being gorgeous, she rarely gets any customers.


Yoo Duk Hwa(Yook Sung Jae) is a descendant of a family who had promised to serve the goblin. He is a rich and spoiled grandson, who may know more than he shows.

I LOVE all the OSTs. 

Crush’s “Beautiful” is the most iconic for Goblin.

I also love the covers of “Beautiful” other artists sang.
Don’t even get me started on how many MV covers there are! 

The cinematography is absolutely stunning. The cast includes two famous actors, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, and amazing actresses, Yoo In Na and Kim So Hyun. Goblin was quite popular when it first aired, and I have to admit, the drama was quite worth the hype. I give this drama a 8.5/10. I enjoyed the drama, but I don’t think that I’ve enjoyed it enough to rewatch it. Perhaps, this drama will be considered as a “drama classic” in the future. I recommend this to any viewers that are interested in fantasy dramas!

Spoilers Ahead in Pink Section. 


I did not like Kim Go Eun’s acting at all in drama. I felt that she was better suited for her character in Cheese in the Trap. I felt that her facial expressions were too dull in Goblin. The character for Eun Tak should act more youthful and be filed with aegyo(cuteness) since she is a high school student. I have to admit that Kim Go Eun is pretty, but I just cringe whenever she tried to act cute and talk in her baby voice. To be straightforward, I did not think that she fit the role.

Eun Tak’s relationship with Goblin seemed too childish, especially since Goblin was hundreds of years older than her. I was actually more interested in the Grim Reaper and Chicken Shop owner. Their relationship was more melodramatic, deep, and hilarious.

I found it hilarious that the Grim Reaper would always use the excuse of dry cleaning his black fedora hat to leave!

I was very interested in this drama at the beginning. However, I felt that it dragged on at the end. Since this drama is much longer than your typical dramas (1.5 hrs vs 1 hr), I was disappointed that there was a lot of flashbacks to the same scenes instead of developing the characters further.

In the end, Eun Tak did die, but she returned back to be with the Goblin for three more lifetimes. I would consider this a good ending since Goblin has saved her multiple times from death. I don’t know what will happen when her lifetimes are up. Will the Goblin still carry on his punishment as a lonely immortal soul? It sad to think that in the end, he’ll be the only one left, watching all his loved ones die.



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