Drama Review: Cambrian Period

Cambrian Period

Episodes: 24

Zhan Shi Li (Han Chin) is known to be of great influence, owning several businesses and casinos. He adopts sons and raise them into a gang to do the dirty work for him. Each son undergoes strict training in order to be chosen as the heir of the mafia business. Tian Yin (Zhou Yu Tong) is a naive girl who decided to visit her friend in the southern island. However, she accidentally becomes a hostage in a gang fight, believing that the gang fight was a part of a drama shoot.

I started this webdrama a couple of days ago, and finished it very quick. I was completely obsessed with this drama.  I never planned to watch this drama until one of the OSTs randomly popped up on my YouTube recommendation feed.  After watching, I immediately started watching the drama.  Alright, I anticipated watching this drama as a guilty pleasure sort of drama, mainly for the romance between the main couple, but I should have known that the mafia business and police would also take up a lot of the story. It was more melodramatic than what I thought it was going to be.

The music in the trailer gives off a mysterious and ominous atmosphere, and I love it.  I love watching Chinese historical dramas, but I think Chinese crime/detective dramas are starting to replace my favorite genre, especially the dark melodramatic ones. My favorite one, so far, is Love Me if You Dare. In both Love Me if You Dare and Cambrian Period, I like how the screen looks dark and sort of washed out/has a lower contrast(?). The way the drama is filmed makes me feel the dark and mysterious mood of the dramas. I was surprised that Cambrian Period was a webdrama since it was so enjoyable to watch. I was so excited to watch Seige in the Fog/Color of Night(another crime/detective drama) but unfortunately, airing has been pushed back to the end December or perhaps, next year.  If you happen to know of any good crime/detective Chinese dramas, please let me know!

The ending OST might be the most beautiful OST that I’ve ever heard. I’ve had this song on repeat all week.

Hou Ming Hao also sings one of the OST tracks.

Unfortunately, I could only find Vietnamese dubs for the majority of this drama. I was so sad that there was no English and barely any Vietnamese subs available. I really do not like Vietnamese dub, especially if it is with only one person dubbing every character in a monotone voice. Hopefully, English subs will come out soon!

Jian Zi (Hou Ming Hao aka Hou Neo) is one of Shi Li’s adopted sons. He is different than his brothers in that he is kind and innocent. He lives by the sea, running a small bar. However, he has another identity, Lian Bu, a masked assassin.

This was my first drama with him in it. As a new actor, he is pretty solid in his acting! He has a baby face that allows Jian Zi’s adorable and naive character to come out well, but makes it harder for him to act as an assassin and gang member. I’m looking forward to watching his other dramas and his upcoming movie, Monkey King 3!

HE WAS A SM TRAINEE RUMORED FOR NCT! Neo is absolutely adorable.  I normally do not fall for baby faces, but there’s something about him that made me fall. I cannot even imagine how I would be if he actually debuted with NCT. Honestly, he would probably be my bias. He was in a Chinese boy band and released some singles, so I’ll probably be checking them out soon.  I’m also thinking of watching the Baby Let Me Go show he starred with other popular celebrities such as Jackson Wang from GOT7 and Henry Lau from Super Junior, taking care of kids. I think I just developed a celebrity crush after this drama. 

Tang Yin (Zhou Yu Tong) is also naive and a little annoying, especially in the first few episodes. She used to work in the filming industry, so she believes that she knows what is going on based on the drama cliches.

Li Young Ji (Mike He) is a police officer. To be completely honest, his character and the whole police team were absolutely boring. I would often find myself skipping his parts.

WHERE HAS TIME GONE? Mike He looks so mature now. He was in many of the first dramas that I ever watched along with Rainie Yang. I mean it has been over a decade since Devil Besides You was aired. It was a little disappointing that I didn’t enjoy Mike He’s acting as much in this drama.


Zhan Shi Li (Han Chin) is the infamous mafia boss on the island, raising his adopted sons to do his dirty business.


Mai Quan Cheng (Jason) is Jian Zi’s good friend. Due to his mother’s illness, he had to resort to some unethical means to support his mom.

First off, my Kpop fans, did you guys know that Jason is/was in NU’EST-M? I didn’t even know that NU’EST had another team to promote in China until I looked him up. His Instagram is hilarious!  I don’t know about you, but Jason looks so incredible in this drama! This is probably my second drama that I’ve seen, and I hope to see more of his works!

I give this drama a 9.5/10. I love the story, the characters, the filming, and the cast. However, it does have some missing parts that I’ll discuss in the spoiler section below.  I wish that this drama had more attention. I was disappointed that there was very little information about this drama around the web. If the English subs ever come, I’ll absolutely rewatch the drama and update!

Spoilers Ahead in Pink Section. 


The part about raising adopted sons into gang members reminded me a little of the Korean Drama: Sweet Strangers and Me (these two dramas are completely different otherwise).  I kind of understand why the older brother was such a cautious person who constantly harmed and killed others. All the brothers were raised to enter a dangerous environment. They not only complete dirty work, they also had to compete each other to be worthy to be the heir. It was bittersweet when he gave up his life to protect his brother and Tang Yin. 

It took Tang Yin and Jian Zi about 20 episodes to find that they had the same mother?! These sort of coincidences in dramas tend to bother me a little. It’s nice that the two main leads ended up together, but I hate that childhood coincidences are added so that it seems like these two are “fated” to be together. 

If there is no season 2, I am going to be extremely upset. The ending was practically a little teaser for a season 2. He cannot die just like that. Who’s the person wearing the mask now? Please do not convince me that this is an open ending. I need a season 2 for answers! This drama cannot end like this! WHO’S WITH ME? 

Looking at a different perspective, I would not have been that satisfied with Jian Zi and Tang Yin getting back together at the end. The right ending should be a season 2!

I heard that this drama is based on a trilogy. I don’t know whether this drama complied all the books or one of them, but I wish to see more. I don’t know how popular this drama was when it aired, but I hope there is enough views and anticipation for a second season!



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