Drama Review: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Moonlovers

UPDATED: I completely forgot to add the trailer and my favorite OSTs!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote a drama review.
I just finished some dramas so I shall have more popping up soon!

moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryo-scarlet-heart-ryeopreviously-known-as-moon-loverslovers-of-the-moonbobogyungsim-ryeomoon-lovers-GfqqW0YsScarlet Heart: Ryeo

Ep: 20

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a remake of the Chinese popular drama, Scarlet Heart, that was based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Scarlet Heart Ryeo was a drama full of flower boys.

e0629f4d2c79d2e93f60d578770b23afGo Ha Jin (IU) is a modern day woman who drowns in a lake during an eclipse. As a result, she travels back in time to the reign of Gwangjong as Hae Soo. She is an innocent and idealistic girl, who lives with her distant cousin’s family. In this era, there was one particular king that succeeded the throne, with the cost of killing his brothers. With little snippets of old history, Hae Soo must find the evil brother and save the rest from death.

This summer, I got the chance to rewatch this drama with my sister, who was watching it for the first time. (She certainly enjoyed it!) Someone was cutting the onions again.

Here are some of my favorite OSTs! But honestly, I love them all! There are almost 15 OST songs for this drama, and each one is so beautiful!

The last one was definitely a tearjerker.


Wang Soo (Lee Jun Ki) is the fourth prince, who has been sent to Shinju, a foreign nation, at a young age. He was practically a hostage. Also known as “Wolf Dog,” he is feared for he has killed wolves. He wears a mask on his face to hide the scar on his face that his birth mother gave him. Because he was different from other princes, he is often ignored and misunderstood. He hated himself and all those who would not accept him.


Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is the eight prince. He was demoted, but returned to his prince status by marriage to a powerful family. He is caring, intelligent, and thoughtful. As a son of his father’s concubine, he carries a heavy burden of protecting his mother and sister from others with great political power.c787557c7fb25763800582866a3b8138

Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) is the Crown Prince. He is a kind prince, but may lack the strength and merciless qualities necessary to enforce his rule. He tries to be close to his brothers despite the envy from the greed of his brothers.


Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) is the third prince, who greeds for the throne. He has an ulterior motive, which is shown by his manipulativness and bullying. I feel like all of the princes were flower boys except him. The touch of eyeliner just ruins his handsome appearance. Of course, it gives him a more evil look, but evil characters can still look handsome right?


Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) is the ninth prince. Although he does not directly maniupulate and bully others, he secretly moves to gain power.


Prince Baek Ah, the thirteenth prince, is played by Nam Joo Hyuk. He is the flower in this drama. He is thoughtful, artistic, and kind. Although he is one of the younger princes, he is very mature and wise. He never hints a greed for the throne. In fact, he much prefers to live a quiet, carefree life.


Prince Wang Eun(Baekhyun) is the tenth prince. He is filled with innocence and cuteness. He is absolutely the sunshine in this drama. People kept saying that Baekhyun’s acting sucked. Personally, I think it was mainly the aegyo his character was filled with. His acting does get better, but don’t worry, his aegyo will still be there!


Prince Wang Jung(Kim Ji Soo) is the 14th prince. He is very interested in martial arts and getting into fights. Like Prince Wang Eun, he is a little immature and reckless.


Queen Yoo (Park Ji Young) is the mother of the third, fourth, and fourteenth princes. She supported the third prince in gaining the throne.


Princess Yeon Hwa (Kang Ha Na) is Wook’s younger sister. Unlike her older brother, she desires power. Her lust for power drove her actions and life.

Please refrain from reading the following italicize words to prevent spoilers!


I was headstrong rooting for the Wook and Ha Soo ship.  Although I felt bad for Lady Hae, I simply could not resist their cute and innocent romance. Just look at the picture above. They are absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, I always pick the wrong guy, the second lead who never ends with the main girl. Wook was so irresistible at the beginning. I was pretty disappointed when Ha Neul’s character had to fall under greed for the throne, because the second lead always have to be less worthy than the first lead. This drama tore my heart apart, especially the first ~8 episodes, the first time I watched it. I literally watched each episode twice with my eyes filled with tears.

I was absolutely not interested in Wang Soo at all. Sure, he was the best man for Ha Soo. He loved her with all his heart and would do anything to protect her. He had a pitiful past, with no loving mother and father to raise him. However, I was not able to feel any sympathy for him. I was actually annoyed at him at the end. When his mother and Ha Soo died, I felt that he was too selfish in taking the last moments of their lives from others that also care for them. 

If only my mind knew that choosing Baek Ah would bring my heart to a less heartbreaking experience. Baek Ah was perfect. Why does my mind always pick the second lead and let my heart suffer? Were you lucky in choosing the fourth prince?


Each of the actors and actresses performed their character well. Tears and laughter were both shared while watching. Did I mention I watched this drama twice? The OSTs were definitely beautiful. It hurts every time they play on shuffle.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo was aired at the same time as Love in the Moonlight, featuring Park Bo Gum and Kim Joo Jung. I was disappointed when Love in the Moonlight had higher viewers than Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Aside from the cheesiness of the character’s romances, I believe that Scarlet Heart Ryeo deserves more attention.


By the way, I absolutely love Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk’s bromance!

Scarlet Heart Ryeo was one of the highlight of my dramas this year. I give this drama a 9/10!

IS THERE GOING TO BE A SEASON 2? In the Chinese drama, there is a second season where the story continues in modern day. I strongly wish that there will be a sequel!
At first, I was not going to watch the Chinese version because I love the Korean version so much. I did not want to watch the Chinese version in case the Chinese version will disappoint me. However, I love the story so much that I shall give the Chinese version a try!

Also, I can’t leave out these gorgeous fanarts and magazine photo shoots!

Was anyone obsessed with this drama?


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