Freshman Dorm Tour

I was messaging my older sister the other day and found some old pictures of my dorm that I shared with her when I just moved in. I thought that this would be perfect to share for curious high school students and entering freshmen!

I lived in a dorm with private bathrooms. I shared a room with one roommate. In the next room, two of my suite mates shared a room. The bathroom connects the two rooms together.

I’ll like to apologize for the unrealistic yellow lighting ahead of time! If I could, I would use white light.

The toilet stall is the only part of the bathroom that has a private door. The bedroom doors leading to the bathroom have locks. However, the bathroom leading to the rooms do not have locks. Basically, this means that I could not prevent my roommates from walking in while I’m doing my bathroom business; however, I can prevent my suite mates from entering my bedroom.

Each room had a designated sink. Each of us had a shower caddy, that easily allow us to bring our bathroom products back and forth. One thing that I’m going to miss is how fast the water turns hot and cold.


I apologize for my messy bed. I was still organizing my belongings. 🙂

My roommate and I decided not to bunk our beds. I decided to leave my bed at the lowest height rather than lofting it. The bed was about 4ft above the ground. This allow me to have extra storage below the bed. I appreciated that they provided drawers for students. Unfortunately, I’m 4’10.5″ It was more troublesome getting in and out of the bed than I would like. I’m also a roller when I sleep, so falling off the bed was not so great either. 😂

If you have the money, I ENCOURAGE you to get a mattress topper. Definitely, would save you some backaches and make your bed more comfortable!

The walls were very prickly for some reason. I heard someone woke up with bloody arms 😂 I did manage to decorate my wall with pictures of my friends, friends’ drawings, and my Korean biases after my photo session. I apologize for the absence of wall pictures. 


The wardrobe was more spacious than I imagined. I could probably hide two of me inside.


The desk was a little too small to hold all of my items, so I used storage bins under my desk to store my books, writing utensils, etc.

I had a rocking chair to complement my desk. Funny horror story. I was eating a quesadilla one day and got some hot sauce packets to complete my dish. Somehow one of the packets got under my chair, so when I sat down, the hot sauce packet burst. My whole leg, storage bins, and MY ROOMMATE’S WALL AND BLANKETS were all covered in hot sauce. I was apologizing to her for like 2 minutes before she realized how much hot sauce covered her side of the room. I was so terrified, but luckily, she just found it funny. 😂 No staining occurred anywhere. Please do not lose your sauce packets!


My roommate and I decided to buy our own microwave and mini-fridge. There is a company partnered with my university that allow students to rent out the mini-fridge and microwave, but it was too costly, and we already have these items around.

My roommate brought her Keurig and Brita water filter. I don’t usually drink coffee since I’m sensitive to caffeine, but I did enjoyed the convenience of water filtering. We didn’t have to pay extra to get water, and there was less plastic waste. The water where I lived did have a weird smell. The smell didn’t bother me that much, but I’ll most likely switch to buying distilled water at my neighbor, Walmart, next semester to stay on the safe side.


If you’re an RA, please do not worry! I did move theses items later! My dorm restrictions asked me to keep a 10″ clearance from the AC unit. I love the fact that each room can adjust its own temperature.

TIP: BUY THINGS IN BULK! Buying things in bulk saves you money! Realistically, I only used two bulk toilet paper packages. I used about 5 paper towel rolls and 5 tissue boxes. I had a ton of paper towel rolls and tissue boxes left over, but fear not! I shall bring them to my apartment next month.  😂Just buy toilet paper in bulk!

I had over-the-door hooks and shoe storage. The hooks stayed on all year, but I removed the shoe storage because the top metal kept scratching the door. Keep in mind that you don’t want to damage anything and pay for repairs. You can also organize your beauty, hair, office supplies, etc in the over-the-door shoe storage, not just shoes!

Throughout the whole year, I never saw any ants or cockroaches. Surprisingly, I did see a couple of moths and fireflies while I lived on one of the highest floors in my building.

All in all, I did like the dorm I stayed in, but would choose to live in an apartment in a heartbeat. I’m extremely jealous of dorms with kitchens!

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I hope that your college dorming works out well! If you lived in a dorm in college, I’ll love to hear any personal funny horror stories!



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