Fourth of July Weekend in Dallas

I finally had a chance to take a vacation, an actual vacation with no responsibilities or strings attached. I have been in Dallas a couple of times when I was younger visiting, but I barely have any memories since it was during my early elementary school days.

Now that I’m older, I finally have the opportunity to experience everything with a clear mind. There was so many places and dishes that I experienced for the first time.

Here are some of the highlights of my trip!


This is similar to the Dollar Tree store, except it’s better. Daiso is a Japanese convenience store. Most prices are $1.50 and the items are of great quality. I was pretty sucked into the cheap stationary area. There’s more cute stationary notebooks/office supplies, but I was too overwhelmed to take pics, I promise! Daiso also has pretty nifty toys! I do not think that I can live the same way knowing that Daiso is no where near me.

Kula Sushi

Kula Sushi is a revolving sushi bar. There is a converter belt that display a variety of sushi that allows you to see and grab what sushi you want to eat. Each plate has an average of 3 pieces of sushi and costs $2!! The sushi is very fresh, tasty, organic, and MSG free! There is also a touch screen menu that allows you to order a sushi that may not be on the converter belt, soups, and desserts; the orders will deliver it right to your table on the converter belt above the converter belt displaying sushi. I have never experience such tasting sushi for such a low price. Also, this was my first time eating with sushi on the converter belt. The service, everything was amazing.

2017-07-06 07.08.49 2.jpgOmi Korean Grill & Bar

I have enjoyed KBBQ before, but I have never been to a restaurant that allows you to grill your own Korean meat. I had the chance to grill marinated beef brisket, short ribs, chicken, squid, and shrimps. Did I mention that it was an All You Can Eat sitting? I don’t regret it at all! Every five minutes, there would be a worker to change your grill so that there would not be any burned pieces while you grill a new plate of meat; it was too often than what I would like, but it kept my food tasting good! All the servers were extremely friendly and courteous. There was absolutely no feeling of servers timing your sitting. I went to eat with my large family and the environment was very relaxed and made for you to socialize. I finally got a chance to eat at a KBBQ like the actors/actresses in Kdramas!


I was overwhelmed when I entered H-Mart. It was a giant supermarket. One thing caught me by surprise. Samples were everywhere! Almost every five steps, there were samples of food presented so that you know how it items taste before buying them. I found so many Korean imported products that would not be found in local Asian supermarkets.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetBoiling Crab

I didn’t have a chance to sit in to eat at Boiling Crab, but I did get some crawfish to-go and my Aunt’s home cooked lobster on the side. (:  I have been eyeing Boiling Crab for a while. Crawfish is my favorite food. I cannot even describe how perfectly seasoned the crawfish was. It’s extremely spicy, a bit salty, a hit of sweetness, and super juicy! This might have been my ultimate favorite crawfish dish out there! There is no doubt that I will come back to try their crabs and shrimps!

Mitsuwa Marketplace

This is a Japanese supermarket. Quality Sashimi is shipped directly from Japan! While you can buy groceries, cosmetics, and appliances, there are other stops in the market. There is a shop that has anime/Japanese books/stationary/Japanese plushies and more! There are also restaurants and bakery/cafe/sweets shops located at the other end of the market.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI also went to some Vietnamese Restaurants, Vietnamese Sandwich Shops, Japanese Buffets, Asian Bakeries, and markets, but I sadly forgot to take pictures.

Dallas has been so good to me. I got to spend time with my family, and fully experience delicious food and markets. After this trip, I am seriously thinking about my future. Dallas might be the city for me! If you’re in the Dallas area, let me know what other places I should check out when I come back to visit!


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