Update: June Favorites

I recently changed the theme of my website. I decided to have a more minimalistic/clean look. There was too much color going on. Let me know what you think!

We have completed half of 2017 already! June was an extremely busy month for me. I rode in an ambulance for the first and hopefully last time. I was in and out of the hospital for the most part. Fortunately, everything turned out fine!

At this point, I’m no longer seeking a part-time job. Summer is already halfway through. I’m going to focus on my studies and volunteering.


KKandbabyJ AKA Keren and Khoa
Keren and Khoa run a family vlog channel in Orlando, featuring their sons, Landon and Jackson. They’re an interracial couple and their family is absolutely adorable. I don’t know why it took me this long to run across their channel!


1498803822953I do not think I can ever go back to wearing sandals, flats, and heels like I used to. I only live in sneakers now. When I was in the hospital, I wore sneakers, thankfully, because I walked around a lot.


G-Dragon’s Untitled is a beautiful rap/soul music. This song could be a message of his regret to his ex, but could also be a letter to his younger self, reclaiming his identity. He is a rapper for the Korean boy band, BIGBANG, but his singing is amazing. He is also a composer and fashion influencer. I hope that I may attend his concert some day.

I absolutely love this song and the filming. I especially love the part where the viewer is in the dryer and the the camera does a 360° turn. The song seems like  reassurance after a break up. I love the beat of the song and how laid back it is.

NCT127’s Cherry Bomb, the song itself, was okay. I’m not obsessed with the song. What drew me into this song was the choreography rather than the song itself. I’m amaze at how easy they make dancing look as well as their synchronization.









Princess Agents

A killed agent “time-travels” into the body of a slave girl. Slave girls are each given a white outfit with a name on their backs, representing which team they are in. With other slave girls, Chu Qiao enters a hunting ground with wolves as game piece of the bored wealthy lords. Being the only one to survive, she is favored among the wealthy lords and is entangled in the power struggle.

The beginning definitely captivated my attention. This drama may just be my ultimate favorite drama of the year. The title of the drama is too cheesy, but I absolutely love everything about this drama.

I love the two main characters, Yu Wen Yue and Chu Qiao, but I cannot help but root for Yan Xun. I mean who can resist his adorable smile? Princess Agents have aired almost halfway through, but I still have not yet seen Deng Lun’s character. I love his character from Because of Meeting You, and I’m dying to see his character pop up any minute now!


Queen for Seven Days

Shin Chae Kyung is the daughter of a powerful politician who is caught between the battle of two half-brothers, the crown prince and the king, for the throne.  When the crown prince gains his right to the throne, Chae Kyung becomes the Queen. However, she is dethroned after the seventh day from her position.

Queen for Seven Days has also been keeping me on my toes. This drama has been a very good melodrama. Park Min Young has been growing on me these past few years. Her acting has improved so much. She fits well in modern dramas and historical dramas, but I hope she films more historical dramas!

By the way, who else is still waiting for Park Min Young’s Chinese Drama, Braveness of Ming??? It was suppose to air in 2016, but looks like I’ll have to wait for until I finish graduating in 2020 to see it due to controversies.

Goodbye June~


2 thoughts on “Update: June Favorites

  1. “ppallippalli pihae right
    cherry bomb feel it yum
    ppallippalli pihae right
    cherry bomb feel it yum”


    I think NCT (all the sub units really, but mainly U and 127) are creeping up as one of my favorite K-pop groups of the newer generation.

    I’ve also been loving Princess Agents quite a lot (even though the CGI-ed animals makes me cringe so bad). And, don’t worry, you’re not the only one falling for Yan Xun. I didn’t think he was that handsome when I started the drama but his character is so charming. I’ve definitely grown to like him a lot. :’)

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