Incoming Freshmen Tips

I cannot believe that June is almost coming to an end. This month was so busy that I lost track of time.

If you’re an incoming freshman, nervous about your college experience, I got some tips that will lighten the weight off your shoulders. If you have already completed your freshman year, some of these tips may also be helpful for you.

Check out Clubs

Universities often have a day where students can look at what clubs are offered during orientation week, but it doesn’t hurt to check some clubs out online. Clubs tend to have Facebook groups/pages that you can check out. Look at pictures and events and see which clubs fits you. Attend the involvement fair anyhow. Maybe representatives may change your mind!

Enrolling in Classes

I’m not sure about all of the universities/colleges out there, but I enrolled in my freshman classes in early June. I believe some students had the opportunity to enroll in May. I apologize if this post came too late. Most students at my university had to enroll on-campus. I was unable to enroll on-campus so I enrolled over the phone, which I was very nervous about since I could not visually see what my schedule look like while planning.

Before my enrollment day, I looked up classes offered by my university ahead of time. I simply googled “University Class Catalog” and got pretty accurate classes and their times. I recommend looking up classes at least a week in advance. Each student at my university had only about 30 minutes to plan with their adviser. By looking up classes ahead of time, you will speed up the enrollment process and make it easier.  You will also have time to ask any further questions.

If you have decided on a major, go on your university’s site and look at your degree spreadsheet. If you are undecided, look up some of the general education classes that you are required to take.  It is important that you should take all the classes your degree requires, but remember that you can take fun and interesting classes as your electives!

Check out or other sites where upperclassmen have shared their experiences with their professors. TAKE EVERY OPINION WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.

Decide what times you are most comfortable learning. I suggest trying not to take super early morning and night classes. I learned that in college, it is harder to wake up early. I took night classes my first semester and it conflicted with so many clubs that I wanted to join. My campus was pretty safe. However, I still feel uncomfortable walking alone at night with only a few people walking with me. Walk along with your lab partners back to your dorm if the streets are empty!

Look up meeting times of clubs you are interested in. Avoid picking times that will come into conflict with your clubs.

Try not to have big gaps or many back to back classes. I had a 5 hour gap on a Monday since I had a night lab. That was one of the worst days having to remember and wait to finish my day. I much preferred having back to back classes in the morning.

While looking at classes, look at the location. Are your classes far apart? Maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to schedule back to back classes when you only have 10 minutes to fast walk across campus.

If I only knew theses tips before my freshman year! Remember to block off an hour for lunch!

Get in Contact with your Class!

If you have any social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, look up your class at your university.  Join groups or follow accounts so that you stay up to day with current events. Just search up “University Class of 2021!”

Look up other students that are entering as freshmen. I’m not saying stalk their whole lives. Please. Don’t.  Ideally, look around for students that you may want to approach and become friends with. If you have received room assignments and have been invited to join a floor group chat, check out who will be on the same floor as you. See which students may have the same interests as you.

Set Bathroom Schedules

My roommate, suitemates, and I shared a bathroom. The four of us tend to conflict with morning bathroom times.

Also, designate a day or week or task for each person to clean the bathroom and provide bathroom supplies

Research Your College Town

You are going to be living there for the next four years. Check out what restaurants and cafes that with satisfy your cravings and replenish your energy. Look up museums, festivals, and other activities that may give your mind a break.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Food will definitely eat up your money. Try not to go out too often. Do not buy extra things that you do not need. You are a broke college student so act like one!

Save on Textbooks

Wait until you attend your first week of classes before buying books. Some professors do not require a textbook.

Research where textbooks are cheapest before you buy them. Often, school bookstores will price match your textbooks.

Buy used books over new, unless the book is overly highlighted. If you are lucky, ask any upperclassmen that have taken the classes for textbooks.


Keep an eye out for scholarship deadlines. Always double check deadlines. Give yourself plenty of time to complete and turn in all applications early.

Do Not Buy College Apparel

My university gave out T-shirts like candy. Then I started receiving caps, socks, and long sleeved tops.

College bookstores will blowout sales. Keep an eye out for some deals!

Start an Exercise Routine

Summer is the best time you can start a healthy diet and exercise routine. Eating healthy in college will be more difficult since you do not live with your parents and you may have all you can eat dining options. Do not let Freshman 15 happen!

If there are any tips that I missed, please share in the comment section down below!!


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