Update: May Favorites

First off, I would like to apologize my disappearance from my blog for the majority of May.

During my first two weeks of May I was busy studying for finals and moving out of my dorm and going back home for the summer. I plan to do a series of my Freshman experience. Let me know if you are interested and what you would like to hear! I also plan to post some drama reviews of dramas I have watched these previous five months!

Now that I am home, I am still in the process of making my summer productive while still being manageable. I am currently looking for a part-time job, which I learn to be difficult since I have never held a job position before. Fingers crossed that I receive a reply soon! I am also scheduling hospital volunteer hours next week at my local hospital. I am studying Vietnamese to receive foreign language credit for my degree as well as the MCAT.


After returning home, I finally had the chance to catch up reading blog posts that I had missed. Here are some of my favorites from this month!

Medical Essentials
Kallmann is a medical doctor. He updates regularly, a couple times a week, with many interesting stories of his medical experiences as well as medical tips.

Summer is second year pharmacy student. If you are also interested in Asian dramas, music (Kpop in particular), and books, you should definitely check out her blog!

Coffee and Scrubs
I have been following Amanda, a fourth year osteopathic medical student, for a while. I think that she is adorable, especially in her Instagram stories, and inspiration for young aspiring doctors out there. 


Sarocha is an adorable fashion/makeup guru. I absolutely love the video above with Sarocha and her boyfriend. How many times can I replay this video of music and random chicken dancing? I honestly do not know.

I cannot believe that it has been 9 years since StillNotDavid started Youtube. I also cannot believe that David is also back! David is a Kpop music enthusiast as well as Fei from heyitsfeiii. Fei is a makeup guru who incorporates Kpop into her videos in the most hilarious ways.


I love music passionately. Music is a creative outlet that let individuals express themselves and connect to others. Whenever I hear a certain song or tune, I would let nostalgia take over and take me back to the time period when I listened to that tune and the memories that time period holds.  Almost on a daily basis, typically before bedtime, I would spend about an hour or so listening to music and let my thoughts wander or journal as a source of meditation.  I  learned how to play the violin for nine years, self-taught myself how to play the piano for five years, and am in the process of learning how to play the guitar. If I could play all the instruments that exists in the world, I definitely would learn how to. Music is one of my favorite hobbies and I would like continue to share my favorite music each month for my future reference as well as sharing new music that you guys may find interest in!

This month’s music has been highlighted by new releases from Korean RnB/Hip Hop artists including Dean, Dumfounded, BewhY, Changmo, Loco, and Sik-K.

Loco released his Bleached album, his first official album! I had “Movie Shoot” and “Da Da Da” on repeat all month.

I absolutely love the AOMG family, a record label led by Jay Park and Simon Dominic. Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone set up a new label this month called H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS with many Korean and American RnB/Hip Hop artists including Sik-K, Woogie, GroovyRoom, PH-1, Yultron, Avatar Darko, Raz Simone, Jarv Dee, Phe R.E.D.S!

Rumor has it that Jay Park is also partnering with ROC Nation, started by Jay-Z and managing top American stars including Rihanna, J.Cole, Future, and DJ Khaled. I am completely in awe of Jay Park’s labels and achievements he has worked hard for.

Sik-K just released his H.A.L.F mini album a few days ago on June 5th. However, he has already released “Ring Ring” back in October and “Fly” at the end of May, so I found it fitting to add his album in my May Favorites. I have got to say that I will never be tired of “Ring Ring.” “Party(Shutdown)” is my next favorite song in the mini album!

This Mashup with “Ring Ring,” “Work,” and “Call You Mine” is amazing.


Whisper (Completed)

Shin Young Joo (Lee Bo Young) is a passionate chief police officer. Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) is a famous judge  known for his righteous rulings. However, corruption in Taebaek, a prestigious law firm, changes the lives of these two. Under the pressure of Taebaek, Dong Joon is forced to misrule a case, naming an innocent man guilty of murder.  As a filial daughter, Young Joo is determine to prove her father’s innocence and seek revenge.

I had high expectation for this drama since the main leads were Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon. The first half of the drama was intriguing with thrilling events. However, the last half was more of a drag than thrilling.


Ruler: Master of the Mask (Finished Episode 17)

In 18th Century Joseon, Pyunsoo is a wealthy organization that controls the nation’s water supply. With Pyungsoo’s great power, even the royal family have to submit to their power. Crown Prince Lee Sun (Lee Seung Ho) is cursed and is forced to hide his face behind a mask. While secretly visiting his people, the Crown Prince befriends a commoner also named Lee Sun(Kim Myung Soo) and Ha Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun), a daughter of previous official.  Realizing Pyungsoo’s power, the Crown Prince is determined to set the nation back to its right place.

If you have read my previous, April Favorites, you would know that Kim Myung Soo is my bias in Infinite. His acting has improved drastically from his previous drama, One More Time. He has been notably awarded by MBC Dramanet as June’s Actor of the Month.The cast contains almost all popular and skilled actresses and actors. With such flowing acting and an alluring storyline, I have not missed an episode.


Lookout (Finished Episode 9)

Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) is a detective and mother. She cares deeply for her daughter despite her career’s demands. Unfortunately, her daughter is murdered and the murderer escapes punishment. Joining a group of vigilantes, Seo Bomi(Kim Seulgi) and Gong Kyungsoo (Key), Soo Ji seek to gain justice from the corrupted judicial system.

This drama reminds me a little of the drama Healer, with a team of a hacker and a skilled mercenary to complete the mission.  Kim Young Kwang also stars in this drama as a prosecutor who is also seeking revenge from the corrupted judicial system. Although he has the lead male role, I feel that his character is not yet fully developed. I am significantly more drawn to Soo Ji’s character. Key’s acting takes me by surprise since he is a relatively new actor, starring in only one other previous drama. I am excited to see what missions and events the vigilante team will attend.


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