Update: April Favorites

This is the first time I have collectively noted my favorites for the month. Let me know if this is something you’ll look forward to every month and what I should add!

April was a pretty laid back month. I had a few midterms and my classes were slowly tying themselves up. Finals are next week and I cannot wait to end my freshman year!



Mark Weins is absolutely the most ADORABLE man on this planet. That may have been a stretch but his adorable smile when he eats good food makes it difficult not to smile. I love his travel videos that combine food, culture, and people. I would watch his videos all day if I could.

Dr. Mike

Alright, who does not know Dr. Mike, a famous, handsome, and inspiring doctor. Well he just started a YouTube channel! I love his content so far. His morning routine makes me want to wake up earlier and begin my day being productive. I also love his “HOW DRUGS WORK: HIP HOP EDITION.” He’s definitely bringing awareness to drug concerns. He organizes, explain terms, and keep viewers interested very well.

Kai Tsang

I love his voice! It’s so calming and soothing. Perfect study music! He used to have so many covers; I’m so sad he deleted his covers.


For the majority of March and April, I have cut down my consumption of red meat to only two servings per week. Also, I dedicated at least one day per week that I eat vegetarian. Growing up as a meat lover, I did not think that I could ever go more than a day meatless per week. I love my pork, and I love my beef. I hated eating my daily intake of vegetables. However, with a trip to the doctor’s office, I learned to value my health and eating habits.



I have been getting tan now that summer is approaching. Also, I have gotten more freckles on my face than I have ever had before. I wear sunscreen, but I bought this simple baby pink cap from Forever21 hoping that it will add another layer of protection for my face.


April was a mix of hot and chilly weather, fluctuating between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I bought this jean jacket from Kohl’s maybe two years ago. However, I still love the interesting dye on this comfortable jacket!


I have always been an IU fan! Her songs are so calming, and I have been so excited with her collaboration with G-Dragon and Hyukoh!

Can you be even more surprised? I love calming songs. Winner’s Really Really is also an amazing piece!

This is the first song I have heard from Sabby Sousa. I think I’m falling for her voice and style.

Always love Blackbear’s beats!

Something about acoustic/live versions of songs make me so happy. Dean’s voice is so beautiful. There’s not one song of his that I do not like.


Rebel: Thief who Stole the People:

Related image

Hong Gil Dong was born with great strength. A Mighty Child is either a blessing or a curse. If he was born royalty, it is a blessing for the nation. However, Hong Gil Dong was not this lucky. With his strength and wit, he was a revolutionist that protected the citizens from the corruptions of officials.

Every episode of Rebel: Thief who Stole the People was an emotional roller coaster. One second you may be filled with laughter while the next you may be crying a river. This Korean historical drama has a very old/traditional ambiance than any Korean historical drama I have ever seen.

One More Time:

Image result for one more time drama

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that Infinite is my favorite Korean boy band. Infinite’s L stars in this drama as an indie band singer. Over time, the popularity of his band began to fade. Financial difficulties were not the only problems. His diminishing love for his girlfriend and a supernatural game of fate throws his world into a crisis.

I cannot believe that L’s drama, One More Time, is a Netflix Original! L has undeniably improved in his acting since his first drama! This drama serves as a reminder to appreciate each and every day and people who are always there for you. I thought it was going to be a cliche type of drama, but there was more themes, emotions, and deeper layers than what I had anticipated.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Image result for strong woman do bong soon

Do Bong Soon and the females in her family are born with incredible strength. However, her strength could only be used for good deeds. She would ultimately lose her strength if she uses it for her own gain or hurt the innocent. The one thing that Bong Soon desires is to be a video game developer. Although her resume and ability may not be competent to be a developer, she still manages to get into Ainsoft, a famous gaming company. She enters the company as a bodyguard for the threatened CEO, but is determined to prove her competence. With a series of missing females and her best friend targeted, Bong Soon is determined to catch the culprit.

With Rebel: Thief who Stole the People and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo, I definitely see a trend with Korean dramas and leads with incredible strength. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was a cute drama with a very comic style of humor. I love the fact that a female lead is given powers over the male lead. I love Kim Jisoo, Park Hyungsik and Park Boyoung in this drama! Besides the amazing cast, the story line was too predictable and not captivating at all.

Best Wishes to all taking their finals!


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