Traveling Tips

Summer is coming soon and that may mean that you can finally relax on the beaches of Florida or it may mean that you will finally experience the night markets of South Korea. Wherever you go, always be prepared before you fly out!

Book Your Flight on a Weekday
Often, airlines would lower flight prices on a weekday and increase the price on a Saturday. Each day of the week, check the price of airlines. Wait until a week goes by and book the flight on the cheapest day!

Check Airline Polices
What are the cost of booking and changing flights? How big are carry-on bags? What is the check-in bag weight limit?

Know What is Allowed/Prohibited in Luggage

Keep Important Documents Safe
Credit cards, passports, money, etc need to be in placed in an organized and safe spot. Whether it is left with someone you trust, at home, or on you, keep in mind that loss, theft, or accidents may happen during travel.

Notify your Bank
Most banks have a Fraud-Prevention System so it is best to notify your bank, especially if you are flying internationally.

Check your Mobile Plan
If you are flying out of the country, check what your rates are for data/text/call. If you are hanging out around borders, you may experience jumps between two countries. Set your phone to airplane mode when not in use.

Keep a Schedule
List off activities you would like to complete each day, but do not over-plan and exhaust yourself.

Check Exchange Processes
Always know where you can exchange cash. If you use your credit card, you may have some exchange currency fees.

Ask First
Sometimes, side dishes that come with your meals are not free. Ask before eating or taking items to prevent additional charges! Also, always ask for transportation rates to prevent overcharges.

Learn the Language
If you are going to a foreign nation, learning some common phrases such as “thank you,” “sorry,” “where’s the bathroom,” and “how much is this,” would make traveling easier.

Bring Portable Chargers // Batteries
If you plan to take a bunch of pictures traveling, make sure you bring some backup to refuel your camera or phone!

Wisely use Free WiFi
Free WiFi is always a plus. However, avoid logging into bank accounts or important accounts to prevent theft!

Be Respectful and Open-Minded
You are a visitor visiting another’s home, culture, tradition, etc.

Bring a mini first-aid kit including medicine, bandages, etc just in case! Remember to stay hydrated and eat well!!

Happy Safe Traveling!



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