Summer Gains

Summer is approaching, which means you have all the time in the world to sleep! Just kidding. Summer is a long period of time that you should continue to maintain your growth and productivity!

Finals are around the corner, but there are some things you should keep in mind for a productive summer! Depending on the activity, you may want to schedule ahead of time or after your last final.


Pre-Med students! I encourage you to spend some time in the hospital. Gain experience by working with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Also, it is always nice to help others and give back to your community!

Don’t stop at the hospital. There are many volunteer opportunities out there! Volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter. Take part in any events that you are passionate about!


Three months is a long time that you could learn a physician’s work. You could probably shadow multiple physicians during this time!

Maybe medical school may not be your thing. Reach out to other occupations to have shadowing sessions! Find which career interests you and gain experience from it!

Become a Scribe

Scribes are a level higher than shadowing doctors. Scribes typically document information during a patient’s visit and assist the physician. Scribes may be a completely experience gaining activity or you may even get paid!


Try out a part-time job! Work with people in your community and acquire some communication, leadership, and time-management skills! Plus you could save up some money!

Pre-Med students! Working at the front desk or as an assistant at a hospital or clinic would be very beneficial if there’s an opening!


Summer may be a good time to participate in scientific research programs.
Research Camps, DO IT! Internships, TAKE IT!

Crack that MCAT book! This is 3 months we’re talking about. Use this free time wisely!

Make sure you schedule and apply to any of these ahead of time!

Good Luck on Finals!


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