Drama Review: Because of Meeting You

Because of Meeting You

Ep: 56

Because of Meeting You is a Chinese remake of the Korean drama: Come! Jang Bori. 

A bubbly and adored young woman, Zhang Guo Guo, works at her mother’s wonton shop, delivering wonton around the small town. She is hard working and has an upright personality. She always submits herself to her spoiled older sister, Zhang Yu Xin, but little does she know that she is adopted and that her biological family actually runs a famous embroidery workshop. As both sisters become devoted to the art of embroidery, they become rivals in the embroidery industry and in gaining affection from Guo Guo’s biological mother.

This drama is centered around embroidery, which I found very unique. I do not usually watch dramas incorporating fashion so I was very excited when I found this! I adore all the gorgeous qipao outfits! Honestly, I wish I could embroider.

This drama falls under the genre of melodramas, but was very adorable at the same time, centering around the themes of family and integrity.

Zhang Guo Guo/Jing Yi Bei(Sun Yi) is such a precious daughter. She remains a filial daughter despite knowing that she was adopted and is not favored by her mother. Another thing that I found precious was that she adopted Le Tong without any evil thoughts. She treats Le Tong wholeheartedly as her daughter even after discovering that Le Tong is Yu Xin’s daughter. Despite being pressured, she never left Le Tong. I cannot help but fall in love with her adorable character.

Li Yun Kai (Deng Lun) is charming young man and complements Zhang Guo Guo very well.  He is true to his feelings, whether that be to Jing Yi Bei or Zhang Guo Guo. He’s such a gentleman!! I adore his relationship with his aunt! Despite living in a household with a new stepmother and stepbrother, Yun Kai grew up so well with good morals.

Guo Guo and Yun Kai’s relationship could have progressed quicker and stronger if Guo Guo was more honest with Yun Kai about her situation and feelings. Guo Guo’s personality tend to keep her burdens to herself, but SO MUCH DRAMA could have been avoided or solved earlier if she was was completely honest to Yun Kai.

Zhang Yu Xin (You Wu) is Guo Guo’s sister. From a young age, her mother, Ai Yu, sent her to pursue her education. As she grows older, she rejects the existence of her poor mother and sister, naming herself an orphan. Her character was well-played. I was completely annoyed of her character, especially when her voice would break when she acted innocent or victimized. To be honest, I skipped some of her scenes, because I simply can’t her crazy excuses. One thing that I enjoyed in this drama was the fact that there was no love triangle between her and Guo Guo. For once in a hundred dramas, there was no love triangle going on with the main leads.

Li Yun Zhe (Dai Chao) is Yun Kai’s stepbrother. He is always cautious of Yun Kai’s action. I loved that in a relationship, he had strong trust in his partner. However, he had too much trust; he did not want to believe that Yu Xin was as terrifying as others have told him. I hated how he always forgave Yu Xin, which only allowed her to continue her scheming acts.

Zhang Ai Yu (Guo Hong) was an incompetent mother for both Guo Guo and Yu Xin. Ai Yu poorly made a bad decision in protecting Yu Xin, allowing Yu Xin to create more drama. She was also not right in scheming against Guo Guo for Yu Xin. I understand that she loves her daughter, but helping her daughter create trouble and getting into trouble was not a wise decision. Raising Guo Guo for many years, Ai Yu also loves Guo Guo. In some cases, she sides with Guo Guo, but always returns back to Yu Xin.

Xu Hui Jie(Pan Joy) is Zhang Guo Guo’s biological mother. She takes over the head embroider position after driving Xiu Hua and her husband out.  She is a woman full of schemes and greed. These traits ultimately cause her to lose her family.

Song Xiu Hua (Liu Min Tao) was a character that reminds me of one of my aunts. She was patient, considerate, humble, and passionate. She leaves the embroidery workshop and her mother-in-law under then hands of her sister-in-law, Hui Jie. Tormented by her husband’s death and her sister-in-law’s schemes, she moves to a small town, where she later meets Guo Guo. Her growing relationship with Guo Guo was fate. Out of all the places these two could be, they found each other in the little town of Xiping.

Lu Si Chen (Li Zhi Nan) is a righteous man. He is Yu Xin’s ex-husband, who is also a victim of Yu Xin’s schemes.  I admired the fact that he remained with this values despite Yu Xin’s evil schemes towards him.


Le Tong is the daughter of Yu Xin and Si Chen. As a secret pregnancy, Yu Xin gave birth to a daughter with hearing disabilities. Taking a liking to Le Tong, Guo Guo adopts Le Tong and treats her like her own daughter. Le Tong was raised with good values and principles. Such an adorable mini Guo Guo!

All the actors and actresses did an amazing job in performing their character. I love how the drama did only center around Guo Guo’s relationships. All the characters were interconnected.

The ending was rushed, but was also at satisfaction. Everyone reflected upon themselves and became better people. I love how all the characters at the end still remained interconnected, with the exception of Si Chen. Maybe he had better opportunities abroad. I just feel a bit bitter that did not have a father-daughter relationship with Le Tong because of Yu Xin.

I love melodramas because they let me release my emotions, typically sadness. This one let me feel sadness, anger, and cheerfulness. I loved this drama so much that I don’t think I will watch the Korean version, because I probably won’t like it as much.

I give this drama a 9/10.
If only the two mothers, Ai Yu and Hui Jie, had better intuition would I have rated this drama a 10/10!


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