Traveling Tips

Summer is coming soon and that may mean that you can finally relax on the beaches of Florida or it may mean that you will finally experience the night markets of South Korea. Wherever you go, always be prepared before you fly out!

Book Your Flight on a Weekday
Often, airlines would lower flight prices on a weekday and increase the price on a Saturday. Each day of the week, check the price of airlines. Wait until a week goes by and book the flight on the cheapest day!

Check Airline Polices
What are the cost of booking and changing flights? How big are carry-on bags? What is the check-in bag weight limit? Continue reading


Summer Gains

Summer is approaching, which means you have all the time in the world to sleep! Just kidding. Summer is a long period of time that you should continue to maintain your growth and productivity!

Finals are around the corner, but there are some things you should keep in mind for a productive summer! Depending on the activity, you may want to schedule ahead of time or after your last final.


Pre-Med students! I encourage you to spend some time in the hospital. Gain experience by working with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Also, it is always nice to help others and give back to your community!

Don’t stop at the hospital. There are many volunteer opportunities out there! Volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter. Take part in any events that you are passionate about!


Three months is a long time that you could learn a physician’s work. You could probably shadow multiple physicians during this time!

Maybe medical school may not be your thing. Reach out to other occupations to have shadowing sessions! Find which career interests you and gain experience from it! Continue reading

Drama Review: Because of Meeting You

Because of Meeting You

Ep: 56

Because of Meeting You is a Chinese remake of the Korean drama: Come! Jang Bori. 

A bubbly and adored young woman, Zhang Guo Guo, works at her mother’s wonton shop, delivering wonton around the small town. She is hard working and has an upright personality. She always submits herself to her spoiled older sister, Zhang Yu Xin, but little does she know that she is adopted and that her biological family actually runs a famous embroidery workshop. As both sisters become devoted to the art of embroidery, they become rivals in the embroidery industry and in gaining affection from Guo Guo’s biological mother.

This drama is centered around embroidery, which I found very unique. I do not usually watch dramas incorporating fashion so I was very excited when I found this! I adore all the gorgeous qipao outfits! Honestly, I wish I could embroider.

This drama falls under the genre of melodramas, but was very adorable at the same time, centering around the themes of family and integrity. Continue reading

The Medical Tag

Hi there! Things have been busy recently with exams and paper deadlines, but now I’m back! I have been tagged by Mavis from @doctorinspe to do a Medical Tag. I hope that through this tag, the medical community on WordPress will grow. If you are tagged, I wish that you will join this tag and build this community! If you are interested in the medical profession and have encountered this post, I hope that you will too join!

Who are you and where do you study?
I am a first generation Vietnamese American college student. I am an eighteen year old freshman studying biochemistry/pre-med. I am currently studying in a large four-year public state university in the U.S.

When did you start studying medicine or premed courses?
I entered college with a declared major in biochemistry/pre-med, but I have already started my pre-med courses in high school. At my high school, I was able to take Advanced Placement courses, such as AP Chemistry and AP Biology, that gave me college credit. This has helped me stay ahead with my plan on graduating on time and making room for other exciting classes (Genetics, Anatomy, Physiology, etc!)

What made you choose the medical field?
I first decided to pursue pharmacy in 9th grade under the influence of my older sister. However, I did not seriously considered medical school until 11th grade. I was involved in a medical club in high school that exposed me to a great variety of medical professionals. One speaker stuck out to me. She was a procedural dermatologist that owned her own clinic. Her speech inspired me to become diligent and persistent in pursuing a career that I would love to wake up to each day. Through her speech I also realized my love for skincare. Continue reading