Drama Review: General and I


General and I

Eps: 62

This drama was based on the Chinese Novel, A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated, which I plan to start reading soon!

Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) is a refugee, taken as a servant in the mansion of Prince of Jian An. However, she is never treated as a servant. She is He Xia’s (Sun Yi Zhou) childhood playmate, who he evidently falls for. Dangerously rising to power, Prince of Jian An and his family is massacred by the King of Yan. Escaped, He Xia promises to take revenge for his family.

Bai Ping Ting is widely known as a war strategist and vows to help He Xia take revenge. However, she falls for the enemy, General Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung) of Jin. As star-crossed lovers, these two face both deceptions and romance in the mist of the war among the four states, Jin, Yan, Liang and Qin.

234285395He Xia is an ambitious young man who refuses to submit himself to the King of Yan despite losing power. He Xia is a man of his word and takes on the role of a righteous hero. 184823478He Xia and his trusty servant, Dong Zhou are inseparable. Dong Zhou is a childhood friend of He Xia and Ping Ting. He is a true friend to both, but chooses to stay by He Xia’s side. 325423523.PNGBai Ping Ting and Chu Bei Jie are the only ones for each other. I love how there is little gender discrimination in this relationship. Neither treats the other submissively. 83475982374.PNGPrincess Yao Tian is the only member of the royal family alive in Bai Lan. She was a righteous ruler who was respected as a woman and a leader. There was one thing that particularly annoyed me. Can we please move the two pieces of hair strands in the front behind to the rest of her hair. Thank you. 384758375The King of Jin was Bei Jie’s friend and family. Honestly, he was a lacking King who relied on Bei Jie. 32425225332Yang Feng was Ping Ting’s childhood friend. The two grew up like sisters and still continue to look out for each other. Yang Feng married General Zhe Yin of Liang. Zhe Yin is a competent general who is just and devoted to protect the nation. Following them is Fang Lu, a mercenary. 387418375295Zhui Ju is an adorable and skilled healer who is loyal to Bei Jie and Ping Ting.

I give this drama a 7/10.

Overall, the actors and actresses displayed their character role well. The only issue that distracted me was Angelababy’s acting. Whenever Bai Ping Ting was angered or troubled, Angelababy would overly exaggerate her expressions and it would look simply awkward and cringe-worthy.

Side note, how is Wallace Chung already in his 40s? He looks like he could be in his early 30s! Thank goodness I do not have second lead syndrome this time! 

The graphics were pretty nice. Maybe not as intense as Ice Fantasy, but I’m seeing the graphics in the Chinese graphics industry improving!

The story was engaging at the beginning. I love that the story revolved around multiple states, providing different scenery and culture. As cliche as it is, I loved the star-crossed love at the beginning. However, after repetitive running, hiding, and chasing between Ping Ting and Bei Jie, I got annoyed soon after. Even when the two are accepted together, Ping Ting still decides to leave. This was the main disappointment I had in the drama. There was so many necessary events that happened as a result of their separation. The story line was cliche and not as alluring to my tastes. 

This drama did not make it to my favorites list, but I still enjoyed it.

Let me know if you have seen this drama!




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