Choosing My Major: Biochemistry/Pre-Med

Technically speaking, a bachelor degree is not always necessary to enter medical school. The main requirements are to complete the pre-requisites and achieve the minimum score on the MCAT. However, students with a bachelor degree are more competitive students. There is no ONE amazing degree that medical schools look for.Β History and art majors are no lesser than science majors. What matters is that you should major in something that interest you. A non-science may even benefit you by making you stand out.

When I decided to go Pre-Med, I wanted to pursue a degree that would be a good foundation for medical school. I want a degree that I could apply, and be useful in the future. I love science, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I did not want to be a Biology or Chemistry major since I felt that these two majors focused too much on one subject. I also felt that these degrees were subjects that I’m comfortable and familiar with. I selected Biochemistry since it allows me to study the tiny complex chemical process that are essential for living organisms. This degree also include biology, microbiology, chemistry, and physics. With a Biochemistry degree, I feel like I would learn a greater spectrum of sciences.

Medical school is my goal after achieving my bachelor degree. However, family and financial crisis may occur. Failure in achieving acceptances is also a possibility. Pursuing Biochemistry, would be a good plan if things don’t work out. A Biochemistry degree would be useful in going into pharmacy school or becoming an engineer or even research.

Remember that you do not have to select a major entering college. You could change your major at any time. From general education classes, see what interests you. Β With that interest, you will be able to learn and grow from the classes and materials.

Best Wishes!


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