Level Up Your GAME

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded midterms. Exams and essays are piled up all in a span of one week. I just got done with almost all my exams and papers for my first set of midterms. One more class to battle this following week!

How should you cope with all these responsibilities?


Cramming last minute is not the most effective way in studying for classes. Try to study a portion of the material each day over a span of days. I believe that this is the best way to retain material. Do not pressure yourself to remember everything last minute. Also, all-nighters are unhealthy! Studies have shown that your brain may retain more memory if you sleep.


Procrastination is my worst enemy. Do not wait until the last minute to complete your assignments. Rather, complete them as soon as possible. Don’t let assignments pile up, especially during midterm week!

Study Efficiently

Study with a group of friends that would help you review materials. If you don’t think you are learning as much from groups, you may be better off studying individually. Find a place that works the best for you, whether that be at the library, at a cafe, or at the comfort of your own room.

Smyang Piano

Honestly, it’s better to studying in silence, if you can. But if you’re trying to concentrate in public or your neighbors won’t let you, all of these piano covers are calming and great for studying! I hate actual rain, but I love sounds of rain (Not thunderstorms) in music. I especially love the piano compilation videos for long studying hours!


NEI also have some really nice calming piano tracks. Infinite is my favorite Kpop band! This song just bring back many memories and emotions. Any inspirits out there?

If you are feeling stress or anxious here’s the most adorable dog video to help you calm down! It’s 13 minutes long so watch it during eating breaks!

Wishing all a good round of exams!


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