Favorite Youtubers

Listing my favorite Youtubers, I realize that almost all on my list are vloggers. I love watching vlogs to learn more about how others are living around the world. There’s more out there besides studying. I tend to have their videos playing  when I’m eating but do not want to commit to an hour long drama episode or in the background when I’m working on decorating my bullet journal or small tasks.

These are listed in no particular order~


I’M OBSESSED! I’ve literally watched every single one of their videos. Jane and Jady are two med students in PA. They’re both so cute, and I really love their vlogs.


Weylie and Wah are a couple that I have been watching for years. Weylie is a beauty guru on Youtube. I’m not sure what Wah does. Something with filmography? I may be completely wrong. BUT these two share their lives in Cali through vlogs.

misslouieMiss Louie 

Erica is a fashionista. She shares all of her trendy finds. I love her style and happy personality!


I absolutely think that Heart and Arnold are the most adorable couple ever. Heart and Arnold are both Youtubers. And if you guessed it.. THEIR VLOGS ARE ADORABLE

rachel.PNGRachel Talbott

I love her DIYs and hack videos to improve health, home care, and lifestyle. Her videos really inspires me to make things myself.


Lindsey, also known as Bubzbeauty on Youtube, shares her life with her husband, her toddler boy, and two dogs!



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