Top Watches of 2016

Here’s the list of dramas and movies of 2016  that I would definitely recommend watching!

*Listed in no particular order*

Top Dramas:

descendants-of-the-sun_1560x872Descendants of the Sun

Shi Jin is the captain of a special force in South Korea. He falls in love with a doctor named Mo Yeon. However, he always disappears and is sworn to secrecy of what he does. Their relationship broke.

On a special mission, Shi Jin leads his force to the country of Uruk. Coincidentally, Mo Yeon and her team of doctors are sent to Uruk. Together, they work to protect and save lives.

This is one of my favorite dramas of all time! Politics, thriller, romance, melodrama, and comedy, this drama had everything I love. This and D-Day are two disaster dramas I love watching seeing how innocents lives are saved and the psychological experiences that develop.

b67fdaa3-6a54-4d7d-946d-511ecb57b0ffScarlet Heart: Ryeo

A woman in the modern world travels back in time to Goryeo by an eclipse. In Goryeo, she has status. She has love. She has more than what she had back in modern day. She is constantly entangled with the royal family. However, in history, only one king rules among the princes while the others meet death by his sword. Living in the body of Hae Soo, she must find who welds the sword and protect the princes.

I don’t know about most drama enthusiasts, but I ALWAYS suffer from second lead syndrome. Typically the male lead is the most perfect guy that is PERFECT for the female lead, but my heart will ALWAYS pick the second guy.

Anyways, I was super hooked on this historical drama. For the first half of the drama, I watched each episode twice, back to back. I typically watch Chinese historical drama and try to stray from Koreans ones since they seem more mediocre. However, I love this one!

Tears were shed, but do not stop watching. These tears were beautiful.
Love was real. Bromance was real. Every episode was real.

I plan to watch this series again with the director’s cut this summer!

princess-weiyoung-75Princess Weiyoung

The King of Northern Liang is framed for treason by power hungry General Chiyun and Li Min Feng. Princess Xin Er (Tiffany Tang) is the only member of the royal family that escaped death. Li Wei Young, the illegitimate daughter of the Prime Minster of Great Wei, encounters the princess and saves her from danger. However, Li Wei Young dies from an assassin sent by the Prime Minister’s first wife. Determined to seek revenge for the deaths of her nation, Princess Xin Er took on the identity of Li Wei Young and enters the Prime Minister’s family.

With a strong female lead, this drama definitely interested me. Princess Weiyoung is very witty and intelligent. All the characters are well played. This is a very good Chinese historical palace drama for first time watchers! Please read my first impressions and drama review post for more details!

the_k2_%eb%8d%94_%ec%bc%80%ec%9d%b4%ed%88%acThe K2

A greedy politician abandons his wife and daughter to pursue his fame. A woman from a family of power falls in love with this politician and takes his wife’s position. The wife dies unexpectedly and her daughter is forever tormented. Flashing forward, a former soldier is hired to be the family’s bodyguard to protect the lady of the family and the hidden daughter.

This drama revolves around politics and loneliness. I really like how the theme of loneliness applied in this drama.  Also, I’m loving Yoona’s acting! Her skills are definitely improving!

page-turner-poster5Page Turner

A talented pianist in an art high school encounters an accident that may never allow her to play again. Previously driven by her mother, she slowly learns the value of her talent.

This drama is only 3 episodes long, but it is still just as incredible as any other drama! Jisoo and Kim So Hyun are so adorable!

oh-myvenusOh My Venus

Kang Joo Eun is a female lawyer who once was known as the most beautiful girl in her younger years. However, she has grown overweight and unattractive since then. Rather than catching eyes, she is now overlooked or ignored.  Only when her long-term boyfriend dumps her for another lady did she decides to seek a personal trainer.

Kim Young Ho is a famous personal trainer for Hollywood stars. I swear every second with him is exercising. Maybe not all, but that’s practically on his mine 24/7.When he returns to Korea, hiding from a scandal in America, his wealthy family has other plans for him.  After multiple encounters with Kang Joo Eun, he is forced to become her personal trainer.

This drama is absolutely hilarious and adorable! A very cute romantic comedy!

Top Movies:

finding-doryFinding Dory

We’ve waited for this for so long! Living with Nemo and Marlin, Dory finally remembers that she had a family. In this movie, she goes on her journey to find her parents she lost since she was young.

fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them-1Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

Newt Scamander is a wizard who traveled to America from England with a suitcase that houses numerous of magical creatures. He encounters a female speaker who protest against magic. While listening to her belief that wizards and witches are dangerous, a Niffler escapes from his suitcase. Chasing after the Niffler, his suitcase is accidentally exchanged with one belonging to a normal human.

This brings me back to Harry Potter land! I wouldn’t say that I love this movie over the Harry Potter series, but it is still pretty good!

train-of-busanTrain of Busan 

A workaholic father agrees to take his daughter to Busan to visit his ex-wife for her birthday. On the train, an infection quickly spread the whole country. People were turning into zombies. Every household got infected. Zombies were everywhere. No place was safe.

128921283_14612956141141nSweet Sixteen

Xiao Tian and Shu Yawang are childhood sweethearts. Xia Mu is a young boy who comes to live with Yawang due to his family traumatic situation. He stayed by his dead mother side a whole night (or a few? I don’t remember the exact details) and mentally withdraws himself from society.

After graduation, Yawang enrolled to get a degree in college while Tian headed to the army.  Yawang eventually gets a job at a large company, only to be harassed by her boss. Xia Mu falls in love with Yawang and does everything he could to protect her.

Heartbreaking. This movie left a huge impact on me.
Crying at 3 AM in the morning in my dorm room, this movie is very emotional.
I can’t wait to read this English translated novel!

************Spoiler ahead, Skip if you plan to watch this one***************
This movie angered me.
It reminded me of how women are still harassed in our modern lives.
Abortion is still not completely a right that women have in the states.
Women are not equally free as men.
2017, I hope that this year moves forward.



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