Update: Comfy Winter Break

Winter Break is ending and soon I will have to return to Uni.

I have mainly caught up with my dramas and took a long deep breath from stress.

Of course, I also had to reward my stomach with my favorite dishes while I still can.
Unfortunately, I ate all of my dishes before I had a chance to take pics.

I started on a new bullet journal. I shall update at the end of the year!


I stayed home for the most part, but when I did head out I made sure I dressed warmly and comfy!~kakaotalk_20170108_030314207kakaotalk_20170108_033407342kakaotalk_20170108_033907932kakaotalk_20170109_200522026


One thing that has changed me recently are compression socks! Compression socks help blood flow and foot discomfort by adding pressure to the center of my feet. My feet tends to swell when I walk too long so these socks have really helped me walk comfortably!

What have you guys been up to?


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