Drama Review: Princess Weiyoung


Princess Weiyoung
Eps: 54

The King of Northern Liang is framed for treason by power hungry General Chiyun and Li Min Feng. Princess Xin Er (Tiffany Tang) is the only member of the royal family that escaped death. Li Wei Young, the illegitimate daughter of the Prime Minster of Great Wei, encounters the princess and saves her from danger. However, Li Wei Young dies from an assassin sent by the Prime Minister’s first wife. Determined to seek revenge for the deaths of her nation, Princess Xin Er took on the identity of Li Wei young and enters the Prime Minister’s family.

Please reference my first impression post for more details!

Its been weeks since I have finished Princess Weiyoung. This drama has amazed me from the beginning. However, I was not prepared for its ending.

Every day, I would wait desperately for the episodes to be subbed. I was clearly obsessed with this drama. This was literally the only drama I watched for about three weeks.

Side note, I was thrilled to hear that Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, the stars of this drama, are dating! They’re absolutely adorable. Their OST has been on repeat for weeks!

This drama was very suspenseful for me to wait to watch.  Each episode has its own problematic situation that always resolves. Not all of the situations were solved in ways that I had predicted. I hardly or never felt that the plot was draggy. Princess Weiyoung was an exciting watch!

Princess Wei Young definitely portrays a strong lead female character. She almost always saves the day with her intelligence and wit. She shows compassion and sympathy as well as loyalty. I love how she continue to stick to her values in any situation. Never would she let the innocent suffer because of her. She comes up with the best solution for everyone and never goes back on her promises. Wei Young was always one of the suspects of crimes. The Chiyun family continuously seek her death; however, they never return with all bones intact. Even with life-risking tactics, the Chiyun family only moved closer to death.


The love relationship between Wei Young and Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin) were adorable. However, I was disappointed in Tuoba Jun for losing trust in Wei Young when his mother died. When he first heard that Wei Young stabbed his mother, he immediately believed it. Trust between couple is essential for them together. Killing someone is not a little matter.

This drama deals with many unrequited lovers. Years after years, Li Chang Le (Li Xinai), Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu), and Li Chang Ru (Mao Xiaotong) persist to pursue their lovers through schemes. This was one of the annoying parts of the drama. I’m amaze at how long and how much these characters were willing to suffer to try to obtain love that did not belong to them.

Here are some of my favorites!

I would not quite say that this was a sad ending or a happy one.

afdafaOf course, both Wei Young and Tuoba Jun would be poisoned. And coincidentally, there was only one antidote. The prince gave Wei Young the only antidote, pretending that he had already taken an antidote. The prince suffers from the poison’s affect for years (about 5 years?) secretly as King. In the end, he leaves earth in the garden of flowers on Wei Young’s shoulder. Wei Young becomes the Queen Mother and her very young boy takes the throne


I guess this was the better option versus the Prince taking the antidote and Wei Young dying. Their young son may not be as healthy if Wei Young had suffered from the poison. Also, I feel that Wei Young is more witty and intelligent to guide her young king from evil minds than Tuoba Jun.In addition, this drama centers on the protagonist, Wei Young. Without the protagonist, there would be no story.

Princess Tuoba Di (Chen Yuqi) went into a coma, suffering from a concussion from bamboo sticks or hitting her head on the ground? At her most critical point, Li Min De (Liang Zhen Lun) arrives. Miraculously, she awakens.

Capture.PNGTuoba Di’s character is too immature for my liking. She always whines or cries. She continues to pursue Li Min De, whether his identity is an adopted nobody or the Prince of Rou Ran. Li Min De refused his promise to return to Rou Ran multiple times to protect Wei Young. However, I felt annoyed for his stay. He could have grown more power as the Prince of Rou Ran so he would have more influence to protect Wei Young. Li Min De eventually falls for Tuoba Di, but fails to acknowledge his love until the very end. It would be a waste if Tuoba Di continues to suffer from her concussion and leaves soon after her wake.

adfaTuoba Yu dies from Chang Ru’s sword in order to protect Wei Young. In the end, Chang Ru embraces him and dies with her own sword. For years, with many mischievous tactics and scheming, these two struggled with unrequited love. HOWEVER, WHY DID THEY LEAVE THEIR CHILD AN ORPHAN?

This drama is a 8/10 in my heart!

I did not agree with some of the plots, but I was constantly waiting to pounce on what was coming up next. All the actors and actresses were amazing! The scenery and quality were breathtaking.

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Chinese historical palace dramas. I wouldn’t recommend this to first time historical drama watchers since 54 episodes are a huge commitment and centers on palace schemes. I would rather recommend first time historical drama watchers to more adventurous/wuxia/fantasy types of dramas.



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