My First Shadowing Experience + Tips

My first shadowing experience was during the summer of my junior year in high school. Looking back, this experience definitely encouraged me to study medicine.

My first shadowing experience was with a pediatrician that my younger cousins go to. He is known to be the best pediatrician in the city where I lived. In his clinic, there was two pediatricians (including him), a resident, a third-year med student, a nurse practitioner, and about 5 nurses. For a day or two, I shadowed a pediatrician. For the rest of the time I shadowed, I followed a third year med student. I was able to see how pediatricians do their job and how they taught a med student (and getting pimped). Also, I had the chance to ask what responsibilities med students were required to keep up with (classes, tests/exams, rotations, experiences, etc). The med student I followed gave the patients a basic checkup first; later, the pediatrician would come in and complete the visit. The resident and nurse practitioner checked on the patients just like how the pediatricians were able to. Occasionally, I would be able to see what the nurses did before a pediatrician or med student walks in.

I love my first shadowing experience since I was able to see different levels of medical professions. Continue reading


Favorite Youtubers

Listing my favorite Youtubers, I realize that almost all on my list are vloggers. I love watching vlogs to learn more about how others are living around the world. There’s more out there besides studying. I tend to have their videos playing  when I’m eating but do not want to commit to an hour long drama episode or in the background when I’m working on decorating my bullet journal or small tasks.

These are listed in no particular order~


I’M OBSESSED! I’ve literally watched every single one of their videos. Jane and Jady are two med students in PA. They’re both so cute, and I really love their vlogs. Continue reading

Top Watches of 2016

Here’s the list of dramas and movies of 2016  that I would definitely recommend watching!

*Listed in no particular order*

Top Dramas:

descendants-of-the-sun_1560x872Descendants of the Sun

Shi Jin is the captain of a special force in South Korea. He falls in love with a doctor named Mo Yeon. However, he always disappears and is sworn to secrecy of what he does. Their relationship broke.

On a special mission, Shi Jin leads his force to the country of Uruk. Coincidentally, Mo Yeon and her team of doctors are sent to Uruk. Together, they work to protect and save lives.

This is one of my favorite dramas of all time! Politics, thriller, romance, melodrama, and comedy, this drama had everything I love. This and D-Day are two disaster dramas I love watching seeing how innocents lives are saved and the psychological experiences that develop. Continue reading

Drama Review: Princess Weiyoung


Princess Weiyoung
Eps: 54

The King of Northern Liang is framed for treason by power hungry General Chiyun and Li Min Feng. Princess Xin Er (Tiffany Tang) is the only member of the royal family that escaped death. Li Wei Young, the illegitimate daughter of the Prime Minster of Great Wei, encounters the princess and saves her from danger. However, Li Wei Young dies from an assassin sent by the Prime Minister’s first wife. Determined to seek revenge for the deaths of her nation, Princess Xin Er took on the identity of Li Wei young and enters the Prime Minister’s family.

Please reference my first impression post for more details!

Its been weeks since I have finished Princess Weiyoung. This drama has amazed me from the beginning. However, I was not prepared for its ending.

Every day, I would wait desperately for the episodes to be subbed. I was clearly obsessed with this drama. This was literally the only drama I watched for about three weeks.

Side note, I was thrilled to hear that Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, the stars of this drama, are dating! They’re absolutely adorable. Their OST has been on repeat for weeks! Continue reading