The Beginning of a Long Journey

Hey there!

I’m a freshman in college and I’m aspiring to become a doctor. However, I have not always wanted to become a doctor.

Growing up I had a wide variety of careers I wanted to pursue. In elementary, I loved my teachers so I wanted to become one as well. However, I became fascinated with web designing when my 5th grade class went to JA biztown, a kid-sized town where young students may temporarily live as adults for a day; I was able to create websites and whatever documents my company wanted me to. With uncles and aunts working as computer engineers/programmers, I became interested in software and applying software into my work.

Not soon later, I focused on fashion designing, completely different than all the fields I have explored before. I grew to love fashion and keep up with the trends. I would draw my designs on paper and even make them come to life. I remember spending hours and hours working on dresses and skirts. I even made blouses for my grandma and pants for my grandpa and brother. Fashion designing was a career that I spent a majority of my middle school and early high school years hoping to pursue.

Around 9th grade, I decided that I would become a pharmacist. My older sister, who I aspire to, works as a pharmacist. At this point of my life, I realize that I was not very creative with my designs compared to other designers in my age range. I just wanted a steady and somewhat easy job so I could support myself and my family.

My high school had a medical club where medical professionals would visit and speak to students of their careers, their journey, and overall life. It is through this club that I realize that pharmacy is not a career I would love to wake up toΒ every day. It was a career that my family constantly pushed on me since my older sister has been successful. When a local dermatologist finished her presentation in my junior year, I knew that dermatology was a field that I was interested in for me, and not others. Growing up, I had many skin rashes and allergies. When the local dermatologist gave her presentation, I realize that I was interested in pursuing that career where I could help others with skin problems as well. Dermatology does not only include popping pimples. It also includes treating skin diseases and even carrying out surgeries.

Moving to my freshman year in college, dermatology is a career that I still hope to pursue. As I research dermatology , I realize that it is a pretty competitive field. I’m not confident that I will make it, but I will continue to push myself to work harder each day. I have grown to love medicine more and more as I continue to go deeper on this journey. I have been greatly interested in obstetrics and gynecology recently. I am still on route to medical school. As for my specialty, I still have about 5 to 6 years to decide which specialty to pursue.

Thanks for stopping by~

By the way, your comments will brighten my soul~



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