Welcoming 2017

This year, be who you are. Not what others want you to be.

Be someone you are proud to be.
Be the best you can be.
Be someone you wouldn’t want to trade yourself for.

Often, we forget what the most important part in our lives is.

In 2017, we will find our happiness. 

Let our past mistake guide us to become better people rather than tying us down.

In 2017, I will work harder for myself and to love myself.


Hello 2017.


The Beginning of a Long Journey

Hey there!

I’m a freshman in college and I’m aspiring to become a doctor. However, I have not always wanted to become a doctor.

Growing up I had a wide variety of careers I wanted to pursue. In elementary, I loved my teachers so I wanted to become one as well. However, I became fascinated with web designing when my 5th grade class went to JA biztown, a kid-sized town where young students may temporarily live as adults for a day; I was able to create websites and whatever documents my company wanted me to. With uncles and aunts working as computer engineers/programmers, I became interested in software and applying software into my work.

Not soon later, I focused on fashion designing, completely different than all the fields I have explored before. I grew to love fashion and keep up with the trends. I would draw my designs on paper and even make them come to life. I remember spending hours and hours working on dresses and skirts. I even made blouses for my grandma and pants for my grandpa and brother. Fashion designing was a career that I spent a majority of my middle school and early high school years hoping to pursue.

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