First Impressions: Princess Weiyoung


First Impressions: Princess Weiyoung (EP 1- 10)

I hold no responsibility for what is written past this point.

First off, there are 54 episodes to fulfill our drama obsession – super historical obsession in my case.

Second, it airs EVERY WEEKDAY. I tend to get very annoyed that I would have to wait a whole week before being left off at another cliffhanger ><



In the beginning, the princess of Northern Liang disguises herself as a male to buy lanterns to surprise her grandmother. However, the lanterns fly away from the transporting cart. This drama involves wuxia so she flies up in the air to catch these lanterns. She is not “flying” exactly, but rather she jumps in the air. She uses a store fabric roof to boost her up higher. HOWEVER, THE FABRIC RIPS. Below the fabric, there is a guy, a prince actually, who is calmly eating his noodles. The princess falls into the hole and uses the prince’s arm to boost her up. The fact that he knows and intentionally lets her use his arm to boost her up is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen.

Princess Xin Er of Northern Liang
Norther Liang King and his mother

The Princess’s father is framed for treason and her whole family is assassinated. Passed out on the snow ground, Li Wei Young, an illegitimate daughter of the prime minister saved her life.  Li Wei Young was raised isolated in the countryside since she was born in February, an unlucky month. When the prime minster asked for her return, she is assassinated by the main wife’s order.The princess uses this opportunity to carry on the title as Li Wei Young as she enters the house of her enemy. As Li Wei Young, the princess begins to plot for revenge as well as earn status for her friend and her friend’s mother. I was so surprised in how that annoying “auntie” easily let her take Li Wei Young’s place. Li Wei Young is dead and this random girls decides to carry on the title of the daughter of a PRIME MINISTER. Sure, the lives of the auntie’s family would be spared, but I was so surprised at how calmly Li Wei Young’s title was transferred.

Princess Xin Er and Li Wei Young
Wei Young and her birth mother


Prime Minister and his first wife
Chang Le, Chang Xi, Chang Ru

Evil women everywhere.  I literally felt like slapping all of these evil women. The story centers around the prime minister family and the royal family.  Corruption and palace schemes are inevitable. Wei Young is pushed inferior by the first wife and her elder sister and brother. Despite this, Wei Young maintains her morals and values. The only sincere family members that seem to support her are her maids, Chang Ru, Grandma Li, Ming De,and his mother.

Min De and Min Feng

Wei Young has two main maids. One is entirely devoted to her while the other is still very hesitant and unfaithful. Chang Ru is Wei Young’s half sister who also stands up for Wei Young. However, I feel that Chang Ru will not be completely faithful in the long run. Min De is Wei Young’s little half brother. He is adopted into the family and does not know who his birth parents are. His character is very cute and protective of Wei Young.

Victim to the mischievous tactics her new family imposes on her, Wei Young has gone through several near death events. OF COURSE, each time she is saved. On several of these occasions, a mysterious heroic man, Prince Tuoba Jun, saves her and both develop feelings for one another. HOWEVER, once Wei Young learns of his true identity, she acts very cold towards him.

Prince Tuoba Jun showed benevolence towards the citizens of the Norther Liang at the beginning. Surely, his relationship with the Princess Xin Er will be possible.


The Wei Palace is also corrupted. The Crown Prince has died,which means that Prince Tuoba Jun is next in line…..or his uncles that desire the throne. Prince Tuoba Jun spends most of his time out of the palace, avoiding palace disputes.

gn3ozgjAre there any Vanness Wu fans out there?!
I love his Autumn’s Concerto! I was so excited when I learned that he was staring in a historical drama! He plays as one of the uncle princes!

That concludes my first thought of this drama.

I’ve been dying each day for the next two episodes to update!

the-princess-wei-young-jin-xiu-wei-yangAny thoughts?


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Princess Weiyoung

  1. This drama was certainly so entertaining! I love how fast paced and plot driven it was. Also, the relationships between from cast of characters were great, and I love the romantic dynamics between Luo Jin and Tang Yan. They’re so cute together. (Did you hear about how they’re actually dating in real life? They recently went public about their relationship. Happy sigh.)

    Anyway, I had a lot of similar first thoughts as you did. I hope that you continue to enjoy the series!

    Happy watching and blogging,
    Summer at Xingsings

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