I recently joined in with several aspiring doctors in sharing our brief reason for loving medicine. Thank you Masumah for engaging and inspiring lovers of medicine!

Life of a Medic

Why Medicine?

One of the truths about choosing do study Medicine is that, from the moment you decide to go down that road, you are bombarded with the same question. Why Medicine? You’d think that once you get into the medical school, you’ll never be asked that question ever again, but you are, and many times over and over. And this is such a long question to answer, because I know my reasons required 4,000 characters in my personal statement. So, that gave me the idea, is it possible for it to be answered in just 10 words or less?

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Learning to be a Morning Person

I’m the type of person who loves sleep. When I say love, I mean it! If I don’t have anything schedule for the day, I can sleep for 10-12 hours! Once, I slept for 14 hours, but woke up with a terrible headache. I never slept any longer from then on.

I have 6+ alarms that start waking me up every 5 minutes before I would actually get out of bed. I usually do not start getting ready until 10 to 15 minutes before I have to leave my place. In only 10 minutes, I brush my teeth, wash my face, straighten my hair, use the toilet, change into outside clothes, and then I’m out the door. What can I say? I’m a low maintenance girl who loves sleep.

I was always cranky in the morning. In high school, I woke up around 7:40 A.M. each day. However, college is a time where even waking up at 10 A.M. is terrible. Now that I’m taking my major courses, I have no other option then to wake up early.  There is only one class offered bright and early in the morning for each course. Thus, I have to women up and learn to be a morning person.

Here are some tips that have been helpful in changing my routine and mood in the mornings.

Sleep Earlier

If you sleep earlier, you can wake up earlier. I’m a night owl, so it was challenging to close my eyes at night even if I did like to sleep. Put away your phone.  Turn off notifications. Put it on vibrate. Sleep.

Wake up Immediately

Snoozing your alarm clock may allow you to be more exhausted from the process of falling back asleep and waking back up repeatedly.  Wake up immediately and let your morning start productively, away from exhaustion. Continue reading

Update: Last Quarter Favorites


I apologize again, for my semi-hiatus status! I’ve been trying to balance my school course work, tutoring shifts, extracurricular activities, and finding a job. Taking about 8 classes (18 credit hours not counting lab hours!), it has been difficult studying for midterms! I probably had at least one midterm/test every single week. I have been keeping tracks of days, but the days flow by too quickly! There’s always an assignment due or preparation for a class need each and every day. I honestly enjoy being productive and busy, but I probably won’t be taking this many classes in future semesters, especially with harder science courses. If you would like to know more of my studies, how I studied, or anything of the like, please let me know!

This post will probably be the longest one because I have so many favorites each month, and I cannot leave any out!

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What’s on My Phone?

Drama Review: Queen for Seven Days

Dramas I Have REWATCHED This Year

18 Things I Wish to Do in 2018


I haven’t been resonating with EXO’s music these past few years. It seems that I have grown out of their type of music, but EXO’s Sweet Lies is the exact RnB that I need in my life.

LambC’s Love Like That is so chill that makes me feel more relaxed when I would be stressing to write essays.

I absolutely love Shiloh’s voice. This beat and remix is so beautiful. It’s another perfect destressing type of music.

Keshi’s Magnolia is another favorite for studying. At this rate, I might as well share my study music playlist. Hehe If you want a whole list, comment down below! Continue reading

18 Things I Wish To Do in 2018

In 2017, I promised to find myself and become the best person I could possibly be.  Now, how did that go? Well, I would say that I learned quite a lot about myself this previous year. College has forced me to acknowledge my weaknesses and better them to be my strengths. While I have found who I am, I still have many weaknesses that I would like to improve. Here are 18 things that I wish to do in 2018. Yes, there are quite a few that I have listed. However, I will challenge myself to try to achieve all that I have listed. After all, most of these goals should be something that I should already implement into my lifestyle.

  1. Get out of my comfort zone
  2. Talk to people
  3. Make new friends
  4. Be more involved
  5. Fix my sleep schedule
  6. Wake up earlier
  7. Set a study schedule
  8. Be more productive with time.
  9. Increase my GPA
  10. Gain medical experience
  11. Start saving money
  12. Get a part-time/full-time job
  13. Declutter my closet and papers
  14. Eat more healthy
  15. Find more reasons to smile
  16. Read more books
  17. Live simple with minimal items
  18. Be grateful and keep a list of gratitude

What are your resolutions/goals for this year?

Dramas I Have REWATCHED This Year

While there are a bunch of dramas that air every year, I can’t help but rewatch some of my old favorites, especially when I’m not currently interested in what is airing.

p2458403052 - Copy

Cambrian Period (2017)

I know that this drama has only aired this year, but I have already rewatched it once. I have watched this drama twice with viet dub/sub and plan to rewatch it again with English subs soon. I would say that I’m proficient in Vietnamese, but I am not as proficient in it as I am with English. I might do an updated drama review, so look out! I can’t decide if this drama or Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is my ultimate favorite drama. Well, I guess I could say that this drama is my ultimate favorite webdrama for sure! Find out why I absolutely love it so much by checking out my Drama Review!


Love Me if You Dare (2015)

This drama is probably the one that got me sucked into Chinese crime/thriller dramas. Personally, I feel that China does a better job in providing a dark/crime/psychological drama than dramas that South Korea has produced. I have always loved psychology and love watching psychological dramas and movies. If I didn’t choose biochemistry, I probably would have majored in psychology. I love the idea of analyzing psychopaths and sociopaths. I love learning how certain mental illnesses may be developed. If you know of any psychological dramas or movies let me know! Continue reading

Drama Review: Queen for Seven Days

asdfasQueen for Seven Days

Eps: 20

This is a historical melodrama based on the tragic love story between King Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin) and Queen Chae Kyung (Park Min Young).  Shortly after her crowning, Queen Chae Kyung is dethroned and put for execution.

This drama aired a while back, but I have been too busy to edit this drama review during the school year. Winter break has just started, and you can bet I’ll be uploading drama reviews these next few weeks!

First things first, I would like to announce that I did not suffer second lead syndrome in this drama. I mean who could not fall for Yeon Woo Jin?

I absolutely love the cast!


With parents who have been warned of their daughter’s prophecy, Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) was sent to a rural town at a young age with her nanny, away from her wealthy family. Chae Kyung is the daughter of a top official (I believe he’s the prime minister) and the niece of Queen Shin. Chae Kyung grew up with a very naive mindset, which slowly matures to a strong female lead as the story progresses. She takes on problems and serious situations herself. She knows when she should take action or keep things to herself for other’s sakes. She is greatly loved by her adorable parents and nanny. They all show great love for Chae Kyung no matter how stubborn or troublesome she is.

I’m still waiting for Park Min Young’s Braveness of Ming Chinese drama to air! I hope she continues to take on historical dramas because she is an absolute beauty and amazing at acting! Her Princess Ja Myung drama was one of the best dramas I watched growing up! It was fun seeing her doing some gender bender acting in this drama since it has been almost 7 years since her famous Sungkyunhwan Scandal drama!

I would say that I’m unfamiliar with the two male leads.

The relationship between Lee Yoong(Lee Dong Gun) (left) and Lee Yeok(Lee Woo Jin) (right) is one that you do not want to get between. While siblings can get into heated arguments, this relationship is full of blood! Lee Yeok is the younger favored son, who has idolize his older half-brother no matter what anyone says. Lee Yoong is the older son who is always cautious of his younger brother stealing his throne. I feel that this relationship was the center of this drama, more so than the relationship between Yeok and Chae Kyung. A cliche romantic relationship in dramas can be overbearing at times, but this drama has captivated me with this chaotic relationship between the brothers.

Lee Woo Jin was very charismatic in his acting. On the other hand, Lee Dong Gun portrayed the ruthless King well. Despite his coldness towards Yeok, I love how Yoong has a soft spot for Chae Kyung. Chae Kyung is the only person who was brave enough to try to reconcile the two half-brothers.

The young child actresses and actors were phenomenal. I love the childhood portion in this drama. Usually I would be annoyed or stay away from childhood cliches, but this drama got me hooked. The childhood portion of the drama truly set the story of the drama. It was longer than what most dramas would have allowed, but I felt that the complex relationship between the brothers and Chae Kyung was better detailed in their childhood years rather than their adult years. Continue reading

What’s on my Phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. I got this phone during my junior year of high school. With only 16GB I have constantly been running out of space. It’s current running on 15.98GB/16.00GB of space! I cannot download any documents or videos without my phone warning me of low storage space.  If you’re getting a phone, I highly suggest you get 32GB or higher! Thus, I’m only able to keep important apps on my phone, if I want to leave some space for pictures (class lecture slides or study notes). Anyways, I thought it would be fun to show you into a more personal space of mine.

School Related:


This is probably my number one used school app. It automatically notifies me of any email I get from my professors, because a canceled class is always nice to know before I head out. (: But in all seriousness, I signed up to get email notifications when new assignments are up, when my grades get uploaded, when new documents are added, when events or important notices come up, etc. This has been extremely helpful to get notifications to bring certain materials to class or change incorrect grades as soon as possible.


My school uses Canvas, where students can turn their assignments in online and communicate with their professors. Turning in assignments, viewing grades, and getting updates from professors have never been easier. I love this learning management system, and I do know what could be better.

Group Me

Group Me is the messenger app that almost every student at my university uses for group projects or organization group chats. It allows user to add each other with their account rather than phone number ( just in case anyone is uncomfortable with that).  I personally hate using Group Me. If I could delete this app, I would probably be the happiest I will ever be. Personally, the design of the app is not my style. I absolutely hate the blue people emojis! I rarely get notifications for Group Me even when I sign up for the SMS! Sometimes, I even get kicked out of the group chat for no reason!! If only I can tell you how many important messages for group projects or organizations I have missed out on. I personally prefer to group text or use Kakaotalk, which I will note below! Group Me takes up a lot of my phone space and defeats the purpose of why I downloaded this app in the first place.

Google Drive

I love the storage space Google Drive offers. You can access your Microsoft documents on here, organize your folders in color, share your documents, and more. I love using Google Drive because of the ease of accessing my files on multiple devices. I currently only have Google Drive. With Google Drive app, you can only access the file; you cannot edit your files. If I have the space I will definitely re-download Google Docs, Google Excel, and Google Power Point. I had to delete these for Group Me. 😡 Canvas also allows students to upload their files with Google Drive, so Google Drive is another resource for me to turn in files last minute or on the go.  Continue reading