Mystery Blogger Award

This is the very first time that I have been nominated for any “award.” I am so surprised of how many bloggers I have come across this year. I love finding new blogs and content to read. Thank you Okoto Enigma for starting this thread to share amazing bloggers! Thank you all for staying around to hear my drama rants and medical journey.

I’ll like to thank Shay from Fitnessgrad for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Please check out her blog if you are interested in fitness and how to manage a healthier lifestyle!

The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.


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Questions from Fitnessgal:

  1. Favorite kind of ice cream?
    Cookies and Cream is my absolute favorite unless you have fudge bars, then I would be in a crisis.
  2. Do you prefer to cook or bake?
    I love cooking. I rarely ever bake. I feel that you could be more flexible with cooking since you can change the flavor or the style of cooking your dishes.  Also, there are only so many servings of sweets I can eat before I grow tired of eating it.
  3. Have you ever went skinny dipping?
    Unfortunately, I cannot swim.
  4. How do you find ideas/topics to write a bout in your blog?
    I started blogging by sharing my medical journey and my hobbies of watching Asian dramas and crafting. Whenever I find something interseting, I have an urge to share it with others so that they can also enjoy.
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
    I rarely keep up with American stars, but I have fallen for a Korean singer/actor. Kim Myungsoo, also known as L, is a vocalist of the Korean boy band, Infinite, and is a rising actor. On stage as L, he is a mysterious, serious, and hard working entertainer. However, if you catch him smiling or acting dorky, that is Kim Myungsoo.

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Update: May Favorites

First off, I would like to apologize my disappearance from my blog for the majority of May.

During my first two weeks of May I was busy studying for finals and moving out of my dorm and going back home for the summer. I plan to do a series of my Freshman experience. Let me know if you are interested and what you would like to hear! I also plan to post some drama reviews of dramas I have watched these previous five months!

Now that I am home, I am still in the process of making my summer productive while still being manageable. I am currently looking for a part-time job, which I learn to be difficult since I have never held a job position before. Fingers crossed that I receive a reply soon! I am also scheduling hospital volunteer hours next week at my local hospital. I am studying Vietnamese to receive foreign language credit for my degree as well as the MCAT.


After returning home, I finally had the chance to catch up reading blog posts that I had missed. Here are some of my favorites from this month!

Medical Essentials
Kallmann is a medical doctor. He updates regularly, a couple times a week, with many interesting stories of his medical experiences as well as medical tips.

Summer is second year pharmacy student. If you are also interested in Asian dramas, music (Kpop in particular), and books, you should definitely check out her blog!

Coffee and Scrubs
I have been following Amanda, a fourth year osteopathic medical student, for a while. I think that she is adorable, especially in her Instagram stories, and inspiration for young aspiring doctors out there.  Continue reading

Update: Freshman Experience

Did my experience in high school prepare me for my first year of college?
My answer is most definitely.

My high school experience involved taking many rigorous classes. I took many Advanced Placement classes with the mindset of receiving credit for college, which would allow me to speed the process of achieving my bachelor’s degree or make room for other classes I would be interested in taking. Although I did not receive credit for all of my exams, I did gain experience of dealing with challenging classes that pushed my brain power, challenged my time management skills, and pressured me to cope with stress.

I was also involved in many clubs.  I was involved in community service clubs such as Key Club and the National Honors Society. I was also involved in cultural clubs, academic clubs, and career specific clubs. Becoming a secretary in Key Club and Art Club left a major impact my senior year. I was able to develop communication and leadership skills as well as interact with my peers, teachers, and community. I became more open minded to different types of backgrounds people came from and the ideas that they carried. On top of these clubs, I played the violin and took part in the School Orchestra and Symphony for about 9 years since 4th grade.

I highly suggest that students should take some challenging courses and be involved in clubs during high school.

Freshman Year, was a year filled with many new experiences. 


All the colleges I applied to were in-state universities. I only applied to in-state schools since I knew that a great majority of my tuition, books, and housing fees would be paid by scholarships and grants. I am currently attending a large, four-year in-state public university. It is not a prestigious university, but it still has a good Pre-Med program to prepare me for Med School while meeting my financial window. Looking back now, I regret not applying to out-of-state universities. If you’re a high school student, you should definitely apply to a variety of universities: in-state and out-of-state and high ranking/prestigious schools and safe schools. You never know what opportunities you may find!
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Update: April Favorites

This is the first time I have collectively noted my favorites for the month. Let me know if this is something you’ll look forward to every month and what I should add!

April was a pretty laid back month. I had a few midterms and my classes were slowly tying themselves up. Finals are next week and I cannot wait to end my freshman year!



Mark Weins is absolutely the most ADORABLE man on this planet. That may have been a stretch but his adorable smile when he eats good food makes it difficult not to smile. I love his travel videos that combine food, culture, and people. I would watch his videos all day if I could.

Dr. Mike

Alright, who does not know Dr. Mike, a famous, handsome, and inspiring doctor. Well he just started a YouTube channel! I love his content so far. His morning routine makes me want to wake up earlier and begin my day being productive. I also love his “HOW DRUGS WORK: HIP HOP EDITION.” He’s definitely bringing awareness to drug concerns. He organizes, explain terms, and keep viewers interested very well.

Kai Tsang

I love his voice! It’s so calming and soothing. Perfect study music! He used to have so many covers; I’m so sad he deleted his covers.


For the majority of March and April, I have cut down my consumption of red meat to only two servings per week. Also, I dedicated at least one day per week that I eat vegetarian. Growing up as a meat lover, I did not think that I could ever go more than a day meatless per week. I love my pork, and I love my beef. I hated eating my daily intake of vegetables. However, with a trip to the doctor’s office, I learned to value my health and eating habits. Continue reading

Traveling Tips

Summer is coming soon and that may mean that you can finally relax on the beaches of Florida or it may mean that you will finally experience the night markets of South Korea. Wherever you go, always be prepared before you fly out!

Book Your Flight on a Weekday
Often, airlines would lower flight prices on a weekday and increase the price on a Saturday. Each day of the week, check the price of airlines. Wait until a week goes by and book the flight on the cheapest day!

Check Airline Polices
What are the cost of booking and changing flights? How big are carry-on bags? What is the check-in bag weight limit? Continue reading

Summer Gains

Summer is approaching, which means you have all the time in the world to sleep! Just kidding. Summer is a long period of time that you should continue to maintain your growth and productivity!

Finals are around the corner, but there are some things you should keep in mind for a productive summer! Depending on the activity, you may want to schedule ahead of time or after your last final.


Pre-Med students! I encourage you to spend some time in the hospital. Gain experience by working with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Also, it is always nice to help others and give back to your community!

Don’t stop at the hospital. There are many volunteer opportunities out there! Volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter. Take part in any events that you are passionate about!


Three months is a long time that you could learn a physician’s work. You could probably shadow multiple physicians during this time!

Maybe medical school may not be your thing. Reach out to other occupations to have shadowing sessions! Find which career interests you and gain experience from it! Continue reading

Drama Review: Because of Meeting You

Because of Meeting You

Ep: 56

Because of Meeting You is a Chinese remake of the Korean drama: Come! Jang Bori. 

A bubbly and adored young woman, Zhang Guo Guo, works at her mother’s wonton shop, delivering wonton around the small town. She is hard working and has an upright personality. She always submits herself to her spoiled older sister, Zhang Yu Xin, but little does she know that she is adopted and that her biological family actually runs a famous embroidery workshop. As both sisters become devoted to the art of embroidery, they become rivals in the embroidery industry and in gaining affection from Guo Guo’s biological mother.

This drama is centered around embroidery, which I found very unique. I do not usually watch dramas incorporating fashion so I was very excited when I found this! I adore all the gorgeous qipao outfits! Honestly, I wish I could embroider.

This drama falls under the genre of melodramas, but was very adorable at the same time, centering around the themes of family and integrity. Continue reading